Kongo hit boxes?

Ok so does someone know the hit boxes on Kongo? Cause on jumpins, sometimes I get hit out of the high punch version like crazy. It seems so unreliable now.

it seems like now it all depends on how high or low their attack hits. if they try to crossup but they do it late so that it hits mid or low you have to counter mid or low. it sucks, now when i counter, usually it’s ex unless i know for sure where i want to counter.

Man. So terrible. The move’s already inherently so unreliable. Now we have to worry about not only if they will attack, but where? I miss the old Kongo man. Plus why even ever ex on a jumpin when you could just ex tatsu 100% of the time?

true, i just don’t trust my reactions lol

Because 1 frame start up vs 7 frame start up.

Also, see the Gouken moveset AE version sticky for the hitboxes.

Yeah I realized that as soon as I posted my op.

anything above the shoulders fierce kongo shoulders and down mp kongo knees and down lp kongo .//…it sux but eyyyyyy

Do it from crouching at the last minute and you can almost always use mp for jump ins. You just have to time it to activate when the attack should hit you deep, much like not trading all the time with DP’s.

I think Reipin put the hitboxes there.

you think we can do the same with fp? like a shoryu kongo hahahah

theres something to these new kongos we just havent uncovered it yet , it may be subtle but useful im gonna do some training mode when i get home

^ I’m not sure b/c HP Kongo really only works if you are getting hit in the head. Delaying it until almost the last possible minute (until they almost hit you crouching) and then using mp almost guarantees they will hit you in that middle area since that’s where your hittable box would be at that time. The input leniency helps a lot with the kongo delay too.

Yeah, there could be a couple of things we just haven’t figured out yet, but I think it was just a blatant nerf amongst other things.

i still have no clues as to why or how the lk kongo kara kongo is not in there i used to love using it to absorb projectiles with next to no recovery!!!