Koogy's Custom Joystick Art thread!

Hey there, everyone! I’m koogy! you may remember me from the Guilty Gear scene, or maybe you don’t know me at all; the only thing you need to know is I love doing graphic design. So much, in fact, that it’s what I do for a living. And you know what else I love? Making custom joystick art and helping people! I figured, I have some free time now, so I want to offer the community my skills!

**CUSTOM JOYSTICK ART COMMISSIONS! **Starting at just $20, you can get a professionally designed graphic for your stick! Why let stick makers create the graphics? They are the ones making the hardware! Let me take care of the aesthetics! Want to make your HORI HRAP or SF4 stick a bit more personal? I’ll take care of that! Feel free to send me a PM here for further information and price quotes!


How long does it take to do the art?
It greatly depends on the style and the required images needed for the final piece. If you just want some fancy typography and a picture of your character, it could take an hour or two. If you want a vectored image with grunge and lots of effects, it could take a few days. It also depends on the backlog, which I’ll keep updated on the first page.

How much does it cost?
Again, depends! For an intro offer, and to see how popular or unpopular the idea is, I’m going to offer cheap-y prices! Again, I can give rough price estimates once I get an idea of what you want. Depending on the difficulty of the piece, the price begins at $20 and ends upwards of $150. However, 99% of the stick art commissioned will fall between $20 ~ $50. I put all my effort into each piece, and I won’t finish until you’re 100% satisfied. If you have unique sizes needed, such as a huge custom joystick, or a very small joystick, I adjust my prices accordingly.

Do you offer printing services? / How do I put your graphics on my joystick?
Unfortunately, due to previous incidents, I no longer offer this service. However, I have researched all the information you need if you are modding your Madcatz sticks yourselves!

Howto: Add custom art to your Madcatz Standard Fightstick - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=178381

What is the process for the image, and what ways do you accept payment?
You can pay using money orders in the mail, or PayPal. I would rather not use concealed cash in the mail if possible.

You pay 50% at the time a sample if presented, and 50% after the image is complete. During the drafting phase, you will provide me all needed information; colors wanted, graphics and stick button templates. I will base my designs off of stick and button colors, as well as the sticks body color. If custom art is going to be created, I will charge accordingly. If I need to find custom art, I will do my best to accommodate your requests.

I will provide you with low resolution sample images before you have to pay the final 50%, to make sure you are satisfied. After you agree and after I receive payment, you will be e-mailed, or mailed the final piece. If there is any mistake in the piece you notice after the final version is sent, I will gladly fix it for no charge. However, I would appreciate it if no major changes are made at this stage; that is what the sample images are for! :wgrin:

Sample pieces:


  • Hakdizzle’s stick art.


  • Phenotype’s stick art.
  • Turbovec’s stick art, 2008.

I’ll be uploading more sample pieces in the near future, but for now, these are some examples of previous designs I’ve done for myself, and others.

1: Darkhonor90 - Awaiting beginning of Round 2
2: Knot8 - Awaiting beginning of Round 2
3: wdejong - Awaiting beginning of Round 2
4: masturfader - Awaiting beginning of Round 2
5: ink124 - Awaiting beginning of Round 2

1: BlueMary69 - Awaiting beginning of Round 3
2: Kharhaz - Awaiting beginning of Round 3
3: Nork22 - Awaiting beginning of Round 3

1: bullet1231 - Awaiting Information
2: Turbovec - References Received, Awaiting Payment

Finished Clients:

  • hakdizzle
  • yang809
  • Phenotype

Happy Buying!

I’d love to get another stickart commission from ya. I get so many double takes and compliments whenever I’m using the Jin!

For those who want to see an example of Koogy’s work, this is the one I’m rocking:

koogy Id like a design, Ill send you a pm

Kugler ftw! When did you move to Sparks?

ill take a spot bro.

Updated first post with slots so far; Bullet, go ahead and send me a PM with the information for what you want, so I can start work on your piece next!

Moved to the Marina about 5 months ago. :D!

Completely filled! However, feel free to post in this thread to get onto the next set of commissions! I will create a round 2 list, if demand is strong enough! However, I regularly do orders in the order received!

I’ll take a spot.

I’d love to be a part of round 2! I’ve got plenty of time, since I haven’t ordered the buttons yet.

Okay, I’ve added everyone from Dustloop, and from here. I sent a PM to everyone who asked to be on the list. Please bear with me, as it is taking a bit longer than anticipated. I’ll probably be working on two commissions at once soon enough! Just need to spend a bit more time figuring out exactly how things will work from this point on! :smiley:

Hakdizzle gave me permission to post his stick art on here, so hopefully everyone enjoys it!

you can do them for TE’s right? If so id love a spot!

I’ll take a spot! Thanks!

Just giving koogy a bump.

Helped me out with an art request, GREAT work, great guy, fantastic communication. Highly recommended to anyone, a true professional.

Will definitely shoot you a PM in the future, thanks!

could i get a spot?

Updated first post with the new list. I’m now completely filled, unfortunately! Once I finish up Round 1 commissions, I will begin taking a Round 3 waiting list. However, the current projection is 3-4 weeks! Please be advised!

I will also be updated some rules regarding payment soon, so please stay tuned! :3

I would like a spot once you are done with Round 2. :slight_smile:

All finished with Round 1! I’m going to take a day or two off, and begin round 2 in a few! And, hopefully have a few more samples for you guys to check out in the next few days!

Sent you a PM.

Koogy, that was fantastic! I think I was the last of his first round, and my art looks even better than what I was hoping for. To anyone on the fence: This guy is extremely talented, works with you the whole way through the project, and is up at some crazy hours if you have a thought at 4 am.

Thanks a lot, man!


So, last night I was checking out the Image Mishmash forum for a few minutes when I came across gl0ry’s FREE stick art thread. I’ve always respected gl0ry for his sick avatars back in the day, but I can’t believe the lashing I got there. In his first few sentences alone, he bashes anyone who sells stick art, and says that it should be a service to the community to offer stick art for free. That back in the day, artists would do it for free. Another poster below says “Yeah, I can’t believe people are trying to make a quick buck off this community.”

Man, those words were pretty brutal. I didn’t start doing stick art because I was twisting my evil mustache and cackling at all the money I could make. I did it because I’d get PMs from people asking CONSTANTLY about getting free stick art, once they knew I did Turbovec’s. I simply can’t work 4 hours a day on stick art for free with the volume I’m being given. The simplest solution to offer was a paid layout service for people who want the best.

And if that makes people out there hate me, that’s cool. All those guides and FAQs, videos and time spent in the community helping people become better players will make up for a few people who dislike the idea of a paid service.