I know it was you.

how can you be so sure?

Looks like this should be something that was in a pm. What a waste of space. No matter, gives me a chance to tell everyone how I slept last night. Not good. I was hot and my son kept coming into our room and getting all up in my mix wakin’ me up and shit. Not good at all.

The video has been manipulated.

I ain’t gotta spell it out, pimp, you know what it is.

fucc outta here wit dat shyt… an u puttin it out like this? nice:confused:

Look, man. I was there. You were there. It’s mad simple. You know what it is. Real talk. We still family, but there are lines you don’t cross.

oh no…does someone need to call the cops…

  • :bluu:

Such as

NEVER call the cops.

Take that nigga to Jerry!

again… pm’s yo. i aint puttin shyt out on the forum. it is what it is.

I see how it is blame it on the black guy.

Nah, it needs to be out there. Don’t be scurred. You can’t admit you have a problem? Look at your finger tips.

they… orange?

koop ate your cheetos? shit… we all know what mr t did to tupac for that…

You know what else sucks? We have one of those sleep number beds and my wife’s side has a freakin’ hole in it. So she has to wake up like 2 times a night and air that shit up. Wakes me up every time. A man just cant get a good night sleep.

No snitchin!

yeah. . . such as?

personal things should be pmed or whatever
Close this shit

unless theres lols

Wait wut?!?

A real man would man up and give her the side that doesn’t leak, or fix that shit.

Fixing shit is your male birthright.

Koop is the father, isn’t he?