Kore wa HD! Japanese guide to getting HDR & matches with top players


Yeah I know this got posted in the match video thread but I thought it didn’t get much exposure there (bottom of a page post problem), so I’m posting it again. :clown:

1???SF2HD??, 1???SF2HD?? nsb_sf4 on USTREAM. Video Game Marathon

I mainly found this hilarious to watch them creating a Western XBox Live account to download western-only content, because I’ve done exactly the same thing in reverse to download Japan-only and USA-only content :smiley:

It’s sad that there’s no real reason HDR isn’t out in Japan other than Capcom being so dumb. :sad:


:rofl: @ their reaction to claw’s dive not knocking down and range of flashkick.


This video is obv fake, japanese gods like otochun and aniken would never soil their hands on the trash that is hdr



But yeah I actually watched this as it was happening. I got everyone on GGPO at the time to watch along! =D Goooood fun.


I figured I nominate this for an article on the front page.

Let it be known that the Japanese are expressing some interest for a game that hasn’t been officially released in their region.


Nominated for article.

Let’s get this on the front page.

Also sent a pm to keits to increase the chance.

We really need to get this out there.


Hmmm halfway into the playing, they turned off the hd reminx sprites in favor for the old ST sprites, and also turned on classic mode as far the audio. Wonder why they did that, unfortunately I don’t know any japanese.


You know to show the people they’re teaching at the stream that it can be done.


those jpn players, they are ARG, OTOCHUN, ANIKEN - correct? who were th others playing

the fact that they even bothered to go thru the trouble of setting up the acct and getting the game. i think the interest is there definitely, and these are top players.

they seem to genuinely enjoy the game, but can any1 translate anything they are saying in particular. or at least any interesting comments/opinions they might have?

hopefully, interest in HDR continues to grow


This absolutely warms my f–kin heart, BRILLIANT. I learnt a little from watching these dudes.


Yeah the standard of play in those videos is excellent too. I’d get creamed by most of these. A lot of fun to watch. Thanks guys for all the nice comments - I’m very glad I re-posted this now. :slight_smile:


Thanks. At least I’ve now got confirmation that buhilaro is aniken, straight from the horse’s mouth.


It’s because they’re awesome.


at 1:31:33 otochun does a combo into super, someone please tell me what he did.


I know they talk about how claw isn’t bullshit anymore haha


Aniken is a beast!, i love(no goddamn homo) to see him so excited about HDR.

Nominated for an article!


as godlike as they are, I’m going to have to say that if they start playing US players right now at this particular time, they will have a really hard time or lose to us. Just because we had a 2 year head start and they haven’t adjusted to the new changes yet. after that grace period, lord knows how loop sided things will get in their favor.


i disagree, daigo didn’t have the time to practice or get used to matchups changes and he stills pwns!


fucking double post! :S


actually, i don’t think that’s the case. at least the record doesn’t prove that. this was discussed before, if not for the “split” in the st/hdr community - we SHOULD have more people playing the game but some feel like “st or nothing”. when some people don’t play the game (good players), then the community here suffers since they are not giving any input and they aren’t adding anything to advance the game, especially since the game still has room to grow. the fact that top japan players actually made that video to show how to get HDR in japan, them playing it, and having fun - that definitely shows that growth/enjoyment for the game is still there. hopefully some top usa players who have sworn off HDR - after that video, will give it a 2nd look since some only seem to follow japan’s lead.

regarding us versus them in a game that’s been out for 2 years (where we had a head start on), daigo winning hdr for SCR, NCR, that recent canada event, and his hi placement at evo - the adjustment phase for them would be short. especially since the changes from st to hdr are minimal