Korea Thread - SF, Chicken, and Beer

Happy New Year. I won’t be around much longer so hopefully I’ll get in more legendary wins (maybe some on camera). Hmm…maybe 5 more times, and then it’s adios.

I only have good memories of this place. Last week I taunted Poongko twice (no interruptions) with Cammy and still won! Her taunt takes ages.

I’m a go to that new joint. What time does it open?

I’m a try and find it and get lost because I have no clue where the hell the place is at or what it looks like

All I know is that the arcade is really close to the station like you just said in the post

Ahh man looks like I wont be able to go on Saturday. I’m meeting some friends that I haven’t seen since November so I can’t make it, but I’m a try and find the new arcade and go to it on Sunday if not the new one I’ll be at Isu.

Lately I’ve been working on the weekends, but I believe I have a 99% chance to be off this weekend.

I’ll BE THERE SIR! Saturday night

Does that mean the place will be up and running all Saturday night? I don’t want to get kicked out Saturday night because if it’s possible I would like to stay overnight until at least the trains start running again for Sunday. :rofl:

It sucks when my train ride takes two hours to get there and then have to leave 2 hours in advance so I don’t end up having to take a taxi back home.

I will be there sometime after I’m done with Yongsan. (heh heh)

This will be my last arcade outing so I’m gonna try to bring my legendary c-groove back to the table!!! (i still can’t comfirm to the right, though…) gonna try and practice before people show up…

I got home from work at 7:30 PM. If I’d leave home now I wouldn’t get there until like 10 PM.

:sad: Plus I got work Saturday morning; I get off at 1 PM. I’m going to be at the arcade most of Saturday though.
Which sucks because it seems empty on Saturdays :sad: Man that sucks if you guys don’t go on Saturday, but it’s cool.

Actually I’m kind of burnt out from work at the moment.

I’d rather not spend 4 hours on a train today >,< :shake:

I never knew there was a Capcom fighting game community in Korea. I went over the summer, and all I did was play Sudden Attack in those ubiquitous PC bangs ($1/hour!). I would have loved to check out this new arcade.

I was at the SaDang Station area.

I was going to go to Sindang’s arcade joint today (Saturday), but work fucked me over yet again.

Went from 66 hours a week to 68 (6 hours on Saturday to 8 hours)

Fuck man I’d like to actually enjoy Korea, but when your job shits all over you what can you do. I’m not going to be able to make it again this weekend. I’m burnt the fuck out… no way I’m going to take a train ride 2 hours up there when I’m mad as fuck right now. (Work + dealing with stupid people = me being too enraged to have fun)

I’ll be at Isu’s Themepark though on Sunday since it’s a lot closer

I’ll be practicing my new character Holy Order Sol =P

Im gonna be coming over to seoul from april and wanted to ask which of the 2/3(?) arcades has the better competition. What r the 3rd strike players like? any good?

The only half decent (not even that) arcade I found was the one at the basement of the Millienium plaza in Jonggak, had cvs2, but full of 9 year olds.

CvS2 competition at Isu is pretty awesome as well. I normally only see one guy playing 3s though at Isu :sad: Which happens to be the guy that plays CvS2 as well (The one that wears a hood… forgot his name)

I feel bad for not showing up to the arcades, but work is kicking my ass. I get burnt out to the point where I don’t even feel like taking a 2 hour train ride to an arcade.

fackin A
So after locating an arcade with 3s they now seems to be only one guy who can play.

So from what Ive read game atec seems to be the best joint for capcom. Du guys play 3s or others?

I aint seen too many known korean players in the 3rd strike realm, but I guess they ll be few idiots up for a challenge.

It’s been a minute since I went to the arcade. What kind of clubs do you guys hit up. I’m usually at Cargo in Hongdae on Junglist nights.

Ill be coming to seoul come april as long as the whole visa process goes smoothly. Ive been playing alot of 3rd strike in London and I wanna continue, just some of my mates in seoul, said theyd never seen it anywhere, Im just glad i found this site in time. What du guys do in seoul?

I know nothing about the clubs, all I know is game atec sindang is the first place Ill be visiting come the weekend, hope to see you guys there.

I try to go clubbing in Hongdae because I hear that’s the best spot to go.

My friends are pussies though :sad:
I kind of agree with them though because we’re (ALL military) banned from Hongdae area past 9 PM. LOLZ fucking military I swear…

What kind of music are you into. What branch are you in, last I read I thought hongdae was off limits from 0100-0500 which is basically curfew anyway. If you are into out of date music, which basically the whole hip-hop part of the country is. You can go to Harlem and NB in Gangnam. If you are into Electronic music, I could help you out on where to go for some eargasms. 010-2327-1986 Hit me up. Are you in Yongsan?

http://seoulsounds.com/index3.php?page=events :V

Im gonnna be travelling firstly, then if I can find a decent teaching job with prospects then Ill stay. I know theres alot of cruddy schools out there and dont wanna be hooked up with 1 which believes I dont need a visa (which Ive already experienced).

As for the europeans yeah why not. Id rather beat the locals first and then look for better talent, is it pretty competitive or kinda laid back. On 3S do they taunt and take the piss alot?
Who du guys use on 3s?

Heh you’d be in for a surprise it’s not laid back…

Any music.

I’m in Osan (Air Force)

I’m going to be at Game ATEC from around 4 PM to whenever… on Friday.
Are they having an all nighter on Friday or Saturday? I’m able to go to either or both days because I get a Saturday off for once and I’ll be working Thursday Night instead of Friday day,

http://www.02pro.com/?mid=party&document_srl=98628 This seems to be the spot saturday.

Like I said earlier… I’m going to be up at Sindang… TONIGHT!

GET HYPE :wonder::woot: