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Any arcades in Seoul? or anywhere else in S. Korea

I have a friend went to Korea
SF in SK non-existent TT
Anyone know any good arcades in South Korea?

It’s literally hard to find any arcades left in Korea, last time I checked with my cousin, he said that Arcades have pretty much died and the Internet Cafes have just shot up everywhere since all Koreans love those damn MMORPGs. But I’m sure if you hunted around, you’d find one.


There’s gotta be an arcade around here somewhere


Seoul info for a a visitor

I’m visitin Seoul, Korea right now and want to see what local competition is like. I went to an arcade in COEX, but it sucked. DOes anyone know where there is an arcade with good competition. Also, I heard that people don’t really play mvc2 here much but I do want to play that too. Anywhere have that game? Thanks!


I live in Seoul and have no idea where any arcades are, one of the Katusa’s I know told me that there aren’t much arcades, says I could find a pc bar pretty easily.


I’m in Seoul right now and I went to the arcade in COEX. Pretty crappy. There are a few in the Kangnam subway station, with a LOT of tekken 5 machines. Seems like that’s the fighting game people play here.

Anyone know of a place to play 3rd strike? I might have to start playing tekken 5.


I’m in Korea right now (Jochiwon and then later Seoul and Busan), anywhere to play? I thought they played Starcraft here too but nowadays it seems like all the asian kids in Asia play those mmorpgs…and dota…



laugh told me about this arcade, I liked it.

It’s right outside exit 13 at Chongsin University Station, that’s the blue line, line 4.


I just went to that arcade about 20 minutes ago. They have a lot of new stuff, like the new Melty Blood, GG:AC, and some other asian fighters and of course KOF but the only street fighter game they had was 3rd Strike. No CvS2, no ST, no MvC2. And they only had one 3s machine. Where is the CvS2…=(

Right now I’m at a PC cafe watching some Koreans playing Starcraft…


I left there around 2, you might of seen me, I was probably the only non-asian there.


was there some ranbat thing going on? cuz the good Ken player there just up and left and so did the other guy. I thought maybe it was a smoke break butthey were lining outside for something…

anyway I’m back in Jochiwon, i.e., small town in the middle of nowhere. I’ll post up the next time I’m in Seoul but yeah I really wanna play CvS2, 3s isn’t really my game…I didn’t see you, D.Fox, were you playing 3s? Are there any other good arcades?


Yeah, I was playing 3s, and no I don’t know about any other arcades : /. If my schedule is free we could just buy some crappy sticks and play on ps2 or something. Unless we find an arcade. And yeah, I was getting slapped around in 3s, i’m soooo out of practice…


wooo I am back in Korea! I got my own studio apartment, but I have no TV or computer and I’m all the way out in Ilsan, next to the Daehwa subway station. Any SF comp nearby? ehehe…


In about a month i’ll be able 2 play, maybe.


say hi to qudans plzkthx


ok so Laugh and I go here once a week, usually on weekends. If anybody plays, post up so that you’ll have some fellow english speakers to talk to :tup:

The arcade is the tmarcade linked above by D.Fox, and it’s located on the blue line (4), Isu exit. It could also be called Chongshin University, depends on where you come from.


I never checked this part of srk and I see that I could’ve helped a lot of people out by giving out the same link I gave to D.Fox which he linked up there.

Yeah, there are couple of good arcades in Korea it’s just that you gotta know where they are. My main arcade is Theme Park Gameland at Isu station. That’s the one me and wepeel frequent on the weekends, and it’s one of the few good arcades for capcom games in Korea.

Here’s the list of games they have off the top of my head. Cvs2 (they have it now), 3s, Hokuto no Ken, Guilty Gear AC, MeltyBlood ver.B, Arcana Heart: Full, T5 DR, SC3, TTT, KOF XI, KOF94-2003, KOF NW, Garou, ESP Galuda 2, Mushihime-sama Futari (aka 1.5), Strikers 1945 II & III, Gunbird 2, Ketsui, Dodonpachi Daioujou, Progear, Virtua Striker 4, Karaoke machines, Time Crisis 4 or 5 whatever’s the latest, PumpItUp NX, Drummania V3, Pop’n Music 10th, EZ2DJ 7th.

They also have an ST board but they don’t have the room right now to put another setup for ST.


So, that Arcade got CVS2 now, i can’t read korean language… what is the exact address???


I’ll write down the exact address, but having an exact address doesn’t really mean much when you’re trying to find a place in Korea. Here it is anyway.

139-72 1F (1st floor) Sadang 2-dong
Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea

The link above has easy-to-understand pictures to get you there from exit #13 at ChongShin Univ. (aka Isu) station. If you’re thinking about going to that arcade, you can call me on my cell also. 016-263-6164, Ryan.



This weekend was the first time i’d been there in awhile, i’ll try to make an appearance Sat or sunday. Maybe both.