Korean arcade parts discussion



Unlike Japanese buttons that come in 30mm or 24mm or American buttons that comes in 1 1/8" (28.575mm) Many Korean buttons fit 27.5mm holes


Crown 203A
fits 27.5mm holes
snap in
The 203A will work with .110 quick disconnects

Crown 203C
fits 27.5mm holes
snap in and screw in
Have to solder to the button’s terminals


Other parts / Mod parts

Replacement Shaft

Crown 303-FK 6mm Hollow Shaft
Designed to fit 6mm threading Japanese Ball tops and Bat tops (10mm bat tops will need the bat top adapter).
The Shaft is hollow to allow for ball top lighting.

187 quick disconnect to a 5 pin JST E adapter
Used to easily wire a Joystick with .187 terminals (or tabs) to a 5 pin joystick wire harness.


I’m a bit surprised you still haven’t tried a Korean lever, though you may strongly dislike them given your stated preference for the “operation” method of play. My experience is admittedly limited to the 303-FK at this point, but they’re pretty cool in their own way. Very unique, worth trying IMO. Kind of an in between compromise between old American style parts and Japanese levers with its own flavor, quite satisfying to throw around.


Here’s a handy graphic from Crown’s website to help understand all their suffixes, at least for the new “Tekken 7” CWL-3507

For Tekken 7, I believe the official variant used is the one with the silicon rubber grommet (ST).


According to Taktak(Korean Tekken player) this variant is installed in Korean Tekken 7 cabinets



Crazy good stuff!

You don’t really seem to miss anything from the official manufactures, there is a completely different marked for k-sticks.
there are a few small shops that modify the joysticks. the most popular stick to mod is the Myoungshin Fanta, They call them “Myoungshin Fanta Airbag”

They change the latex rubber to a silicone rubber, and use Thailand micro switches and support the switches underneath and on top of them.

Green Arcade Lever

2011 version of Green Arcade lever

Uses a metal actuator

Normal Fanta / Fanta airbag

Quick comparison with the Crown 307 and Myoungshin fanta

The Myoungshin Fanta Airbag is the golden standard for top players in korea. Infiltration, JDCR etc. etc. uses this version.

when it comes to arcades they tend to use cheaper parts, and you never really know what you are play


Thanks Darksakul for reincarnating the old Korean part FAQ and giving us a place to discus theese often misunderstood arcade parts.

Kkolding nice pictures of the “myoungshin fanta airbag” first time I have ever seen this mod.


Anyway to buy one of these Fanta Airbags?

(also still want a Taeyoung Fanta…)


Just a quick reminder. You can use balltops with the Myoungshin Fanta and maybe with Crown too, just replace the shaft with a regular shaft from Sanwa and voila!
The shafts are the same length and diameter. I used that with a personal fightstick from a few years ago, so I’m 100% sure of this… at least with the Fanta:


Taeyoung Fanta is very much like the Crown CWJ-303N,

It’s not possible to buy them if you don’t live in Korea, they don’t ship internationally.

but send me a PM, and we might be able to figure something out.


http://istmall.co.kr/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=9992322&category= - Myoungshin fanta airbag


I tried this wasn’t really the same feel. but good tip if you want to try lollipop on a Myoungshin =)


Yeah, it not the same since the extra length of the battop helps to play a lot better. But still an option for those who are more used to play with balltops.


From 2005 TZ

Makers of the “Wooden Korean stick” and the Saulabi = http://www.stick.pe.kr


Thanks for the link but I don’t read Korean and can’t even get Google translate to translate the page.

I did found this

Saulabi thread

Laught’s Saulabi Modding thread

These are both old threads with broken images and links, so please don’t necro the threads with request for updates.


Danm! I remember that thread even used that Modding thread and made a few of them saulabi’s for the local scene.

Last few times I visited Korea I haven’t been able to find any Taeyoung stick’s, last ones I had was from Laugh/Etokki in 2011. as it looks right now it doesn’t seem to be produced, or isn’t popular enough.


The Joysticks I actually dislike are the Sanwa JLF and most of the Happ and IL catalog.


lol, you’re gonna hate korean sticks even more.


Interesting, I wonder then if the 307 having a silicon rubber option is a response to players preferring the “fanta airbag”.


Maybe you should add this product as well… Makestick PRO
That is if someone is willing to share information because I know almost nothingon this product

Now I kinda understand why there’s a metal ring that holds the microswitches. Nin(a top Korean player & commentator) once brought a complete panel from I assume Green Arcade to our local arcade. I heard he used a modified Myoungshin Fanta. But I never had any idea what exactly had been done to the stick until now.
everytime time his match came up at the tournament, the panel had to be swapped