Korean arcade parts discussion


Sounds good let me know good sir.


10pcs myungshin rubber mod is ready,
now I’m preparing about 5 pcs of crown silicon sampel. is this number is enough for testing?
@jmanDMC is it okay to pending your order for couple of days?, so i can ship it together.

FYI all, when I said 60 shore A, it can be vary between 60-65 shore, A deepens on your durometer.
also compounding eastomer in small amount is like cooking, you can never have 100% exact taste, there are so many factor involved.


@wazwuz - let’s go with 5 pieces of the silicone sample. I don’t yet know how many will opt in for testing domestically, so I can’t say whether more are needed.

It is also worth noting as you said regarding the shore rating; we’re incredibly hard up on exact numbers for performance, which makes it difficult to meet expectations consistently. That may also apply to the grommets in the 307-ST. Performance mods are designed to tune to one’s preferences, hopefully improving gameplay to those expectations. It helps to have a wish list of components that apply to the core product. From there, wazwuz and I can focus on a few mods that make sense. As I understand it, there are three groups of performance mods out or WIP:

[] 303-FK to Myoungsin Fanta mod
] 60 Shore A Silicone mod for 307
[*] Oversize actuator for 307 (Delrin)

Are there any more that I forgot to list?


For references since this conversation is in multiple threads, on and offline, here are the measurements for the actuators. I apologize for the bad drawing, I’m on on my solidworks computer. We have ordered samples of this oversized ones we expect shortly. Take care @agieze


While not directly Korean parts, Kuenste did some rough lag testing between the PS360+'s PS4, the Hori Real Arcade Pro V and Magiclab’s new Magicstick M4. The M4 has a touchpad even if it visually looks weird. Looks like it doesn’t work with normal Korean levers but for Japanese mounted models.


For which stick is that actuator? And is the sketch in milimeters?


I believe it is for the 307 based on the shape.


Hori pcb are shit for ps4/ps3. For the price they ask they could do much better. even some chinese pcb have less input lag and the one in the magicstick m4 is probably a chinese pcb ( on istmall, all their pcb are chinese except perhaps the paewang. they even sell the same pc/ps3/xbox360 than the one found in the new “torii” fighsticks).
Now just wait for the train of hori fanboys to pass by, screaming that korean testers have supposedly rigged the test to promote korean products.
Worse, according to http://www.teyah.net/sticklag/results.html the rap4 premium vlx kuro has almost 15ms of input lag, while the cheaper rap4 has 4.8ms. So if you pay more, you get more lag? wtf.

Otoh, the magicstick is quite expensive(190000 won!) , knowing that the lever is not expensive per se, the buttons are standard sanwa , it seems they’re making you pay big bucks for that touchscreen option. Despite this fact, it is already out of stock!


I feel the price I very fair, the case it self is one of the best on the marked if not the best i have ever tested. the touch pad is actually a original wireless PS4 pad with an extra PCB om the side for PS3 and PC.


Yes of course mm, and the questions were about the 307.

That would be a large actuator in any other units.


It looks like the Crown 309 Helpme lever is out now. Little bit weird to add the Helpme part to the product while the CWL-307 never had that officially.


I purchased your Crown upgrade kit and it worked great.
I will keep an eye out for a Myoungshin Fanta - Airbag style upgrade by you in the future :slight_smile:


Any word on when the testing and feedback will begin?


I actually got the parts on Tuesday


Here is what I have from @wazwuz:

[] 10pcs of rubber mod for Myoungshin Fanta. He said it’s a bit harder than the stock rubber Fanta (about +5 shore A)
] 5pcs 60-65 Shore A silicone rubber mod for the Crown 303. I suspect can also be used in the 307.

Apologies for adding the black circle units on left of the Fanta grommets; those were actually part of the restock shipment.

For my part, I can ship test units domestically. I believe that @wazwuz can offer some to international testers, depending on proximity.

I do have a mod from Kowal that I plan to offer at launch of FA Plexworks. Combined with Kowal’s flat plate converter, it allows you to attach the Fanta to a regular fightstick.

I can offer 5pcs of that mod + the rubber mod to Fanta owners.


Awesome…just let me know what ya need from me so I van help test…I play more tekken than anything right now.


Will do. I’d like to see if any additional players step up here within a week. If not, I’ll reach out to you to get started. One week will be my deadline for any volunteers for this group.


Sounds good.


I can test some for you got both crown and myoungshin and have all the different rubbers that is out there, so it would be easy for me to compare.


Sounds good. Where are you located? I see Denmark CPH, but would like to confirm so either myself or @wazwuz will distribute the test kits.


I second this.