Korean arcade parts discussion


US, California to be exact. Let me know if you need anything else.


Great - I’ll be in touch.


Can I help with this too? I have a stock myoungshin and a crown fk with the rubber grommet upgrade from wazwuz.


I’ll be in touch - are you domestic US or international?

For others interested in participating, it is helpful to mention your country (USA or otherwise) so @wazwuz and I can compile testers by location.


US, Oregon to be exact. Sorry for not mentioning early.


No problem. I’ll use this weekend to compile who we have so far. Next week, I’ll cut some of the Fanta kits for those who can try installing it into a Fightstick. I can spare at a max of three of those kits since they use the Kowal flat plate converter.


I look forward to testing good sir.


I mixed the myoungshin fanta conversion kit from FA with a crown 307 st that had the silicone grommet. I had to dremel the hole in my stick surface plate cause its a Tekken 5 ps2 stick body I converted into a custom stick.



First off, the silicone grommet did make diagonals easier to do in the 307, but quarter circles were a bit harder since it kinda wanted to stay at diagonal. I didnt really like the stiffer microswitches that the st came with.



Playing with the conversion grommet and microswitches is easier due to softer switches mainly. Even with the 307 actuator being larger than the 303 sticks theres a lot of deadzone, and I really have to break in the grommet to make it easier to play.



Overall I like that I got the conversion kit, but I need to find a way to eliminate the excess deadzone in the stick. I had to put weights in my stick though so that it wouldnt jerk around since its still stiff, but they loosen up over time right? Thats what I heard.




I’d like to ask @wazwuz if he recommends putting the kit in the 307 ST, since to my knowledge it was designed for the 303-FK. You’re probably right that the switches may affect play, and indeed over time, a bit of wear and tear will get some of the stiffness out.


if it’s fit in, maybe you can try it. but I don’t have 307 so i can say it for sure. it was design for 303FK.
yup after about a week, it well be break in.


Right now, we have the following participants for testing @Wazwuz’s Fanta grommet, silicone grommet, and domestically, the Fanta kit:

[] @slaycruz
] @AznSensation45
[] @XianTK
] @kkolding

kkolding is international; I believe @wazwuz can assist in sending units to him. I can issue my portion of the test units to others.

This will represent the first phase of testing.

The goal of the silicone grommet test is to see whether it comes close to the model touted as the official Tekken 7 unit. @wazwuz will follow up with details as to how we’ll go about testing that, and the expected switch/actuator configuration.

The objective of the Myoungshin Fanta grommet is to see whether the higher shore rating lends to a better overall experience. This is mainly an experiment.

The kit I’m sending is a test to allow installation of the Fanta joystick into a common fightstick, such as the TE or TE2. The domestic units will ship out by Friday of this week.


Do you need us to om you shipping info?


Yes - I’ll be in touch with each of you this week.


The grommet and switches perfectly, its just stiff but Ill break it in more. The biggest thing I dont like is the deadzone being so wide. Gotta do a mod for that. haha!

Sorry Ive been busy since I posted, but it is breaking in and I enjoy it, it even makes my execution on a hayabusha better.


oh was this only for crown fantas? i was interested in testing out the grommet for myoungshins :frowning:


This was also for the Myoungshin Fanta grommet; sorry if I didn’t make that clean when I mentioned “Fanta grommet”


can i still get on the test kit? how much will it be?


The kit is free as part of a public testing phase. I believe you purchased from FA a while back. Has the shipping address changed?

To others, I’m afraid that I have to limit the testing to domestic. @wazwuz recently explained that I have all of the silicone grommets he made at this time, and shipping from Indonesia is rather expensive. It’s pretty expensive for me as well. I’m very sorry @kkolding. :s


cool. yeah its still the same. :slight_smile: thanks.


I have an myoungshin fanta on my makestick pro. I’m interested in testing out that grommet for you guys :).