Korean arcade parts discussion


Do you need us to om you shipping info?


Yes - I’ll be in touch with each of you this week.


The grommet and switches perfectly, its just stiff but Ill break it in more. The biggest thing I dont like is the deadzone being so wide. Gotta do a mod for that. haha!

Sorry Ive been busy since I posted, but it is breaking in and I enjoy it, it even makes my execution on a hayabusha better.


oh was this only for crown fantas? i was interested in testing out the grommet for myoungshins :frowning:


This was also for the Myoungshin Fanta grommet; sorry if I didn’t make that clean when I mentioned “Fanta grommet”


can i still get on the test kit? how much will it be?


The kit is free as part of a public testing phase. I believe you purchased from FA a while back. Has the shipping address changed?

To others, I’m afraid that I have to limit the testing to domestic. @wazwuz recently explained that I have all of the silicone grommets he made at this time, and shipping from Indonesia is rather expensive. It’s pretty expensive for me as well. I’m very sorry @kkolding. :s


cool. yeah its still the same. :slight_smile: thanks.


I have an myoungshin fanta on my makestick pro. I’m interested in testing out that grommet for you guys :).


Can you mention if you are domestic USA?


Oh, yes! I live in the US, Virginia.

Edit: I do recall that I have a friend that has a stock 303fk. If I was handed a crown conversion kit as well I would give it to him to test it.


I’ll add you to the list. That is my max for the Fanta conversion kit (3pcs). I think we’re okay on Fanta Crown upgrade kit, as it is already listed.


I have that rock hard rubber from an old Taeyoung fanta.
Compared to the medium rubber on the Myoungshin I just thought the hard rubber was too stiff.
I do think it would be interesting to see what happens if there was a rubber they tries to meet between medium and hard.

Any chance in the future would you want to experiment with harder microswitches? I saw that the Crown 309 uses 400g Gersung switches. And from what I’ve heard the Crown 309 got a lot of good feedback.


@Deadlywolf I may look into it. These incremental changes to each model is actually helping to fracture the product lineup, however. We now have the 303, 307 and 309, each with variations on grommet and switch. I’ll admit I’m not trying to carry all of them, because from experience, there are only a few choice configurations that people actually buy. The rest will sit in the warehouse, sadly.

I recently learned from my supplier that Crown is offering a 60 Shore A grommet for the 307. This is a separate purchase. I’d rather have it installed with the existing model. For now, I’d like to see what tests using @wazwuz’s models will turn up.


I just want to throw this out there.

I think hard rubber gourmets are more acceptable on arcade cabinets than it is on a regular consumer controller.

Reason why I would say this is because arcade cabinets have a more stable panel. It doesn’t shake, move or wobble around when players are doing high speed movements on a joystick.

On a regular consumer arcade controller, when using an Korean stick with high tension rubber. I think more users would find themselves having to use their wrists and palm to keep the panel stable and from moving around so much. That’s what I have to do with I use a really stiff joystick. I’d have my right wrist holding down the arcade stick so it wouldn’t move/wobble. And it’s not a very pleasant thing to do.

I predict that it would be better to have slightly lower rubber tension on consumer arcade sticks vs what the rubber tension be on an official arcade panel.

On a site note:

I’ve seen Tekken players(Mr. Naps, Nobi, Ao, etc) on Sanwa sticks performing really well in Tekken. And Sanwa sticks are incredibly loose, barely any tension from their springs at all. And Tekken requires a lot of neutral inputs. So maybe hardrubber/spring isn’t everything? I do notice Sanwa sticks are way more clicky than Korean sticks. What if Korean sticks felt clicky too? It’s one of the reasons why I’m so curious to see what a k-stick with harder microswitches would be like.

Oh! And I found this video. The creator claims he is using a Myoungshin Fanta with a more loose rubber.



Alternatively, I’ve seen Korean players such as Laugh and Infiltration performing really well in Street Fighter with Fanta sticks. IMO it’s all about what the player likes best. Sanwas do return to neutral quickly enough and never snap in the opposite direction like my American Happ/IL sticks do. So in a game requiring neutral inputs, Sanwas do the job well also. IMO Sanwas also do a better job with diagonal inputs than Fantas, but that’s just my opinion


Yeah everyone is different. Some of the Japanese players however use the seimitsu stick in the cabs in addition to sanwas. For me I can still use a sanwa (first learned stick with one), but I hate it after first touching a korean stick. I think my movements are better with a sanwa stick in tekken, however I feel less confident and have to change the way I hold the stick. Honestly for me the reason why I hate using a sanwa is because of the lack of resistance. Even the stock consumer level k-sticks (myoungshin and crown fk303) disappoint me because the resistance is too little and the smoothness (crown) isn’t there. All I want is to have something similar to this stick which I believe is the fujin stick that @kkolding has.


Right after I used that stick I started looking up mods and got the crown fanta hard and medium mod from @wazwuz which made the fk303 a little more tolerable, but still not to my liking.


Where the hell can you get that clear top? I always see that in Korean arcades. Unless it’s exclusive to the dude who does the Fujin stick, I want the top only since I just want more grip. Crown’s glossy tops feel weird after a bit of use and Myoungshin’s isn’t big enough. I even used the Sanwa bat tops (normal and clear) with a custom shaft and it doesn’t feel right. Like both that top and the Green Game Land lever’s top seems to be bigger.


You could use some sandpaper on your lever to make the grip better.


Grip was probably not the best word but rather I want a top that covers my palm more than the existing stuff. I remember using KOFTEKKEN’s Green lever and really like the bigger size. It’s sorta subtle but I noticed it.