Korean arcade parts discussion


@wazwuz PM send again.


Glad to see the message board is staying online.


It’s not revised. but I have the whole set he makes. a few of us have them here. is there different ones? just got these in december.


Glad to see we still get SRK. the Discord @blankaex Created is also very cool. I hope we can continue to have that to have chat’s as well. Thankful that the Top men decided to keep this place going. Definitely will be contributing to ensure we don’t have any further scares!
@blankaex hopefully you can let us know once you spend some time with the Green Lever, you can let us know how you like it. Speaking to lowhigh it seems like the deal with the old man is that they will sell to non korean people, but will not sell to koreans themselves. I don’t know because some of the people here were unable to get them like @Marios I know recently and others, so I dont know whats up. but one day I hope we can all have them in our hands. I hope you kick ass at Evo Japan with it and represent the Forum in spirit we will be cheering you on for those of us not able to attend!


@ykd Thanks, appreciate it. Interesting to hear about how Green Dad is okay with selling levers to foreigners but not Koreans. I’d heard in the past he wasn’t willing to sell at all - there was a story of a European guy being refused even after offering 1000 Euros I think. Maybe he’s realising everyone’s playing Tekken at home now and would like to use his lever.

And yeah, thanks to everyone for joining and contributing to the Discord server. I’m glad it hit off well and we have so many active people talking and sharing information. The plan was for it to run alongside the forums if they didn’t go down, so I hope to see even more people joining. My only worry is that the community may become split across the two platforms, which I hope does not happen. Don’t forget to post in the thread as well!


I think I’m finally gonna drill that 35mm hole in my Obsidian. Having both that and the Dragon makes me feel a bit better about if anything happens to go wrong. Anything special to be careful of with the Obsidian compared to other sticks? Seems to have a very thick black plexi.


I recently drilled out a Panthera which has a similar plexi glued to the top and it was ok for the most part. I couldn’t remove the top panel easily like I could with my HRAP V so it was a bit of a pain. I’d recommend taking the panel off first before drilling if you can. I also cracked the plexi while I was drilling. Not a big deal since I was going to get a new one anyway but you’d obviously want to avoid it if you can. I was drilling from the inside which was probably the right choice but I was a bit lazy and rushed it a little. Go slowly and let the drill do the work. Best of luck.


someone tried to replace the fujin rubber grommet with a another tension?


Hey what’s the difference between a soft and medium fanta grommet in terms of measurement?


I used the Golden Fanta grommets with the Fujin. Personally feels better for me. Take note that the white plastic bushing does contribute to tension too.

From @ykd he said that the soft is a Shore A rating of 30 while the medium is 40.


I mean, what’s the difference between soft and medium fanta grommet in terms of dimension? I ordered 4 medium grommets off etokki website but the thickness is the same as the soft grommet my taeyoung came with, whereas the medium grommet that came with my myoungshin is thicker by 100 micron (0.1 mm). The tension also feels soft but it’s hard to tell.


don’t worry 0.1mm variance is still normal, you won’t notice any different.


@wazwuz how do I know that I received the right grommet? I feel like the medium grommets I received feel very similar to the soft ones. That’s why I wanted to know if there’s some way to distinguish the soft from the medium aside from just the feel of it
Also, I’m interested in the golden fanta mod kit. There is different shaft diameters, will I be able to swap the bat top from my myoungshin/taeyoung to the shafts you provide? Because I didn’t think the bat tops were removable. Also, the switches don’t sit evenly on the base of my myoungshin. Will the switch support set fix this issue?


@blankaex i dont really understand , how did you buy the Green lever i was vacations in Korea and with some well known players support and help with the knowledge , were were like begging the old guy to sell 1 green lever i even offered 1000 euro revelant to won and he said he doesnt sell them…


you will need tools called Durometer shore A. you can bought it on Ebay pretty cheap.
myungshin/taeyong battop is not removable. Golden mod using sanwa Battop instead.
yes, there are switch mounting to make the switches sits flat on myungshin


@Marios I dunno man, my friend told me he literally took a photo of the lever and brought it to Green mum and asked “Sale?” and she called the owner to come in and build them for him. When were you in Korea? Maybe they changed their policy recently.


i hope he start to sell this levers, i got a lever from green years ago when ldmaxi was in Korea


I ordered a fujin from makestick before they sold out a few weeks ago. I didn’t hear anything so I check the site and it said my package was shipped and delivered. I checked tracking and it says it was delivered to Las Vegas…I live in Sacramento, California… :frowning:

Emailed the address on their site a few days ago and haven’t heard back yet…I’m really sad


@blankaex can you please post measurements of almost everything including the battop ?


How long ago was it delivered?