Korean arcade parts discussion


15% isn’t too bad. :slight_smile: Buuut I mean seeing that happen a couple times in a session may be enough to ruin my day lol.
And I thought about doing iAD on a Fanta. Smh nope. That throw is just… nope, I ain’t doin’ it. But I haven’t even started DBFZ because I’ve been testing levers.

I’m waiting for the regular 309’s to be restocked myself, so I can’t speak on it.
I had asked Phantomnaut, and he said the two versions felt the same in his experience.
In Hibal’s review of the 309MJ, he said it feels slightly different from the full-collared 309 because a different part of the shaft hits the collar. He did say diagonals are easier on both 309’s though.

A bonus perk of the short collar is that it is much quieter than your typical high collared K-stick. I like that. Hibal noted this in his review too, since he cares enough that he lines the inside of his case with sound dampening foam.

No clue on makestick’s selection tho.


Actually the hole is not for a guide like sanwa type (japanese type) its for adjusting the e-clip (there are two types of korean lever ,the korean lever for 25mm hole stick need it to dismantle it easy)

And switch support make the switches to stay flat and be more steady while playing


your switch support = plastic equivalent of the “airbag” plate , I was right in my guess .
If k-lever bodies weren’t so flawed (plastic too flexible, tolerances are shit, walls are sometimes warped/shrunken/caved in the middle) , they wouldn’t need any securing plate!


still great without the plate, just i wanted to make it better with various try !


OkOk glad that it’s not only that I suck at iAD lol

I actually have another stick with a Sanwa JLF but it feels so freaking weird to play on now that I’ve used the Fanta a lot, not enough resistance and I really do like the linear resistance of the Fanta

Are you waiting for Focus attack to restock? I was planning to get it from them too, the shipping isn’t too bad to Canada


AFAIK that’s not the case, just the general looseness of the stick itself


Hey, haven’t posted here for some time but for those trying to order on Makestick.com (in North America at least), IST created a US version of their main store.

I wouldn’t be surprised if IST had this since their store redesign. Shoutouts to washow over at r/Tekken for pointing it out.

Unlike Makestick which had issues with items never in stock, this should be easier to work with. Now you guys can bother trying those Crown CWB-207H buttons or even trying the standard version of the Crazy Dongpal lever (not the player tuned version that you can get directly from the man himself).

I haven’t tried paying for stuff there yet but hopefully it’s easy.

When they get the Kaze lever back in stock, I am gonna go get that plus the Kaze-modded 309 lever as well.


FA just got their restock yesterday or today, but I’m going to be picking it up from PAS once they update their website. I got in touch with Timothy at customer service & he said they have 309s with Panasonic switches. :wink:


Anyone hear more about the switches Kaze made? He made a post on dcinsider forum in korea about them and he was selling them. I assume he stopped making kaze levers so that he could make v4 with his own microswitches this time.

Also what about fujin lever? I got a drone for cheap so I’m gonna drill a hole and make this a korean lever with a neck stick. I know they stopped making fujin v2 because of the panasonic switch discontinuation but are they gonna figure out anything for v3?



Also you might have little to no room to put a Korean lever, let alone a Fujin, inside. Even if you can, I can only see it with the collar facing more outwards that what’s on other sticks. As for a 3rd version, there are no news.


Oh wow, haven’t those been discontinued for a long time? How would I indicate in my order that I want one? lol

EDIT: Holy HELL! They’re all gone already! I was scared when I saw the other colors going out of stock so I panic bought the white helpme, I think I got the last one lol


How do we go about the later. TIA.


Have to talk to him on Kaokao Talk at crazydongpal.


Haven’t post anything lately. here is the new tech for Golden Project (have share it on discord)

we will replace acrylic parts using metal for more reliable performance


From what I was told, they should all have Panasonics. I believe it was leftover stock that was not posted.

I straight up missed it lmao. How were they gone so quickly?! We got some snipers lurking the forums…!

Good thing my dog Timothy got me. :slight_smile:


Big thanks to @Marios for hooking me up with a 309 HelpMe. I won’t get to test it for a while, but it feels nice.

Coming from a Suzo it has a small deadzone, so I might change to a smaller actuator at some point. I’ll see how I get on first, though.


no problem man , glad to help other fellas hope you do enjoy it , its really a big difference from the 309 helpme.


this hapent to my fujin , this isnt normal or ? can i replace it ?


The guys who made the Fujin made a nice job for the switch plate,switch placement, grommet bushing and actuator which are neatly made … but the battop is absolute rubbish and poorly made, extremely amateurish for a whole list of reasons.
You could attempt to epoxy the brass insert in the battop , being careful to clean the parts to glue,wipe excess resin away while avoiding to end up with a starved joint etc, but to be honest you’d better be looking for a compatible shaft and removable battop in a standard thread size (M6 ), something professional, there are a lot of options out there.
Wazwuz makes custom shafts, you can ask him.
In the meanwhile you should write to the store from whom you bought it and ask for a replacement or at least ask for the email of the modders who made the fujin to explain to them directly your problem.



Got my Obsidian ready for Korean levers. The stock metal panel was modified by my dad’s co-worker while the acrylic plexi is by the awesome @EJM. Gotta get finished artwork printed soon. Hopefully it’s all ready for NCR weekend!

Also got my Crazy Dongpal lever, tuned by the man himself, thanks to @noricon. While I haven’t played with it yet, I have something that’s bugging me about it. To be fair, I have to put it on a stick and try it.

Oh yeah, IST recently released the Alpha lever. It’s sort of a successor to the FLF lever a while back. It’s currently sold out, since it was made in limited quantities, but I do hope to get that and the Kaze V3 lever when they go back in stock. Might want to get the Infiltration lever circle gate, actuator apparently made for Tekken and some 207H buttons as well.