Korean arcade parts discussion


I have a madcatz te2 and I want to mod it with a K stick. I’m wanting to install the myoungshin Fanta on it. do I have to make the hole bigger in order to make it fit? or which would you guys recommend that will fit the madcatz te2?

Hi guys, where can i buy a fujin stick?

Yes, you have to make it Bigger and a bit modification… its hard to explain because my english is not good… sorry…

do you have a link where I can find out how to do it? what additional mods are needed?

Dremel the joystick hole until you reach an appropriate size, get a custom mounting plate for the joystick. That’s pretty much it, not a hundred percent sure if you can get custom mounting plates for it. One of these could possibly work for the joystick: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/637-mounting-plates

Yeah, a link is on the first page Tekken 5 Hrap - Korean Modding tutorial

We still need an update about @istmall products being sold to us in the states.

I would like to try a Korean stick, but I’m not really sure where to start. My favorite stick is the ls-56 with the short throw mod. Which Korean stick would have similar or slightly more activation force that also has pretty short throw? Are diagonals really harder to hit on them as well?

In my experience Korean sticks have a generally longer throw distance than Japanese style sticks. Switches are a generally easy swap, but are pretty soft by default (more so for the Myoungshin Fanta than the Crown offerings, in my experience). Someone who has experience with a wider number in Korean sticks might have a better recommendation for you.

Hmm… While I haven’t tried an LS-56, the Myoungshin Fanta is the tightest and balanced of the bunch. Its gate is pretty much the smallest you can get and the actuator is big enough to allow quick activation with some necessary dead zone.

You can probably get a bigger actuator by making a 3D print but the Fanta’s stock actuator is big enough. Go larger and it can create unintened inputs most if not all the time.

For the Japanese mounted Korean levers, the CWJ-303FK isn’t bad at all. Similar Fanta design but without the normal 303N’s wide funnel gate. It has a smaller actuator but it can work with bigger actuators and stay consistent.

Thanks for the recommendations, the Myoungshin Fanta sounds like it may be a good place to start.

I maked a 3D print of the actuator 16.4mm exactly on my crown 303FK and works very nice whit the switches AM51630C53 (comes whit the hori hayabusa joystick) and silicone rubber st (comes whit the crown 307st), but i want to know if some one maked another combination for better performance? Thanks for youre help people.

ISTMall has their international store up for the third, and hopefully permanent, time. http://makestick.com/us/

It’s sort of hard to navigate and some items are not available at this time. From what I have tried, the online store is not done. I can’t make a username because I need to fill out things that are not described at all. Even ordering without being a member doesn’t lead anywhere.

Nice. For your print, how big is your shaft hole? During my measurements, I had some trouble with some of my test prints properly fitting. Luckily my Paradise Arcade Shop Crown shaft had a sharp edge so I was able to shave off the excess plastic to allow smoother insertion.

Cool. Glad to see that they are working on an international store. Also very happy to see the Airbag listed. I think I’ll finally get a hold of one soon.

To owners of the Omni Korean stick, do you players like the Crown buttons?
I don’t like them, I have my Rev. 3 for a few years now whilst it is a top quality stick, however while being adjusted to Sanwa buttons and Happ competition buttons over the years, I can’t bring myself to like the Crowns.

I’m considering to either swap them for Sanwa buttons or sell the stick to get a new multi modded stick.

I like the feel of Crown buttons. They feel light but in its own way. They do the job just fine. The problem I have with em is that the ones found on Omni units are bound by a rubber nut which eventually get loose.

If you want an American style button that’s Korean, Crown has the CWB207H which feel a lot better. Has a noticiable click in them. They have quick disconnect adapters. The problem is that it’s really hard to get it for now. Don’t know why it isn’t on Etokki. ISTMall should be selling em in their international store when they are ready. I thought Paradise Arcade Shop sells em (since I got a set from them last EVO) but I don’t see em on their store.

I don’t know if the 203C has a click but it works similarly to the 207H. Both are screw in buttons so it’s easier to install and maintain. Its problem is that you need to solder wires to its bottom points.

seems like the makestick store is still not complete, cant register lol. they added more pics now though.

btw does anyone know if the crown lever from the Joytron EXchanger is anything unique or different? besides it having a solid white bat-top…

I registered by bs-ing the last two blank fields. Nothing really changed shipping wise so yeah, not done yet.

EDIT: Was just curious and tried to buy now. It redirected to PayPal with $23,000+ as the price. Almost there but not done!

The Crown lever on the EXChanger is a normal CWJ-303N with the exclusive solid white top.

im tempted to buy the FLF ST to make a dedicated tekken stick. currently have a caca crown jp mounted stick.

Any of you guys found a hookup for the 207 buttons yet? I’d really like to get a hold of some.

Paradise Arcade Shop has the 207s but don’t have the fasteners. Mainly the reason why they don’t have em on the site. You can probably ask directly. I don’t know if you can compensate with other fasteners.