Korean arcade parts discussion

Looks like they are using a white Taeyoung fanta.

I found out that I actually, visited Samduckso’s office twise. last summer they didn’t have thoose button’s. but tbh the crown buttons plastic sucks, good functionality tho.

This seller on ebay sells the makestick pro http://www.ebay.com/sch/Video-Games-Consoles-/1249/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=madfiance

For those of you who want to modify a existing stick to accept a Fanta joystick,
The opening needs to be 35mm, in reference the opening for a Sanwa JLF is 24mm.

when mounting the sticks with the grommets that stick out, what is mounting height? How much of the grommet has to stick out? Do you mount with the mounting plate flush to the metal panel or do require the use of spacers?

Good Question.


Basic instal guide for Korean Fanta sticks

Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since I made that. Thanks for linking el greco.

I scrolled though the page el greco links us and found this

So about the same under the panel clearance as a Sanwa JLF.
I don’t know the over the panel mounting distance.

you need 2,5 - 3mm above the panel

For the sake of preservation - photo dump of images I saved back in 2006

“Korean - Crown Round Actuator Deco Switches”

“Korean - Crown Round Actuator with Plate”

first sabi
http://i61.tinypic.com/28v63rk_th.jpg first mass made stick in Korean “Sticknara” (large photo) this is what the Korean TTT-1 players used when they came to the states.

Stick is fine. I normally play on a Myoungshin Fanta and felt no problems on it. The buttons are cheap knockoffs that feel like they try to stand in the middle of Crown and Seimitsus to me. I THINK they are 30mm buttons so they can be swapped for Sanwa, Seimitsu, or GamerFinger.

@kkolding, what of those Thai switches for the Airbags? I haven’t even heard of these mods, and am slightly curious about them. What differences are they between what is usually used in Fantas and Crowns?

I watched JDCR stream yesterday and he was complaining about the parts in the Korean Tekken 7 cabinet (tkjdcr is his twitch channel).
I wonder what is the opinion of other high level players…

How was the Madcatz KE? I wanted to grab one, but I hesistated and the went out of stock.

I remember playing with Laugh on GGPO years ago and he would always praise Korean parts, he is like the ambassador for that shit lol.

Most top players don’t like the Crown 307. everyone is used to play on Fanta airbag sticks

The Crown CWL-307 is a decent lever by itself but I can understand why he doesn’t like it. I believe most if not all stock 307 levers with the upper gate have the Thai switches which are too sensitive especially with the larger actuator and the overall bottom construction. I used Myoungshin for a while and it took me a while to get adjusted to the differences. I did use Gersung switches afterwards which works better by a little bit.

One quick mod I done was combine the 307’s top end with the CWJ-303’s bottom. While not Myoungshin-level, the parts balanced out to make it as sort of a Crown interpretation of the popular lever. The 307’s gate has smaller travel distance than the 303, which is unnecessarily large for me, and is similar to the Myoungshin’s gate; Hell, you can get the CWL-306 and have the gate work as well. The bottom end of the 303 is very similar to the Myoungshin in look. Personally I found it to be better than a Myoungshin. Tension is light but not loose. Engage comes near the end of touching the gate. I can use it with no glaring struggle and do inputs consistently. Your mileage may vary.


I also want to update on the Makestick Pro. The ABS body is their take on a Qanba Q3 (the playing panel is likely the same as a Q3 in terms of its size). They offer multiple levers including the Myounshin Fanta, Airbag Lever, Crown CWL and & CWJ, Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS-32. As for buttons, they offer a custom service of assorted Sanwa, Seimitsu or those knock off buttons. They have a PS4 version which includes a padhacked DualShock 4 and a custom PCB; They can be sold as separate products. Also here is the site.

Oh yeah Crown also has a new button. Looks like a better version of their CWB-203c buttons.

Oh yeah, here’s my Saulabi mod tutorial.

Wow still finding leaf switches (on the joystick) in this day of age.
Preferred by old school purist for it’s soft, silent action. Used in many old 70s and early 80s arcade cabs joysticks and push buttons.
In some applications a leaf switch is preferred, but the downside is the blades of the leaf switch will bend.
The more they bend the more they can ware out. The upside of a leaf switch is you can bend it slightly to effect actuation and engagement.

I’ve heard the leaf switches on those things aren’t too bad, but yeah, like you said, durability is an issue. Better to go ahead and swap out the stick and buttons in one fell swoop.

Even laugh said in his howto that the top priority for the mod was getting rid of the buttons, and the Saulabi stock buttons are trash.

Putting in a Myoungshin makes all the difference in the word though.

I’m really considering the getting one of the Myoungshin Airbags though.