Korean arcade parts discussion


Sure man. I will get some stuff together and try to get a post done up for later today for you. With some pics. And the performance. Quick summary though they are much much lighter. So it can make things “quicker” so to speak. With me usually using a fairly stiff Grommet I find that it kinda helps take the added weight of the brass away. I’m not too sure how it feels with lighter Grommets. But I am definitely a fan. The Bushing Core especially. I’ll be back in a few hours!


With AM5s the blades / arms are longer and a bit wider to compensate for the distance. But the Hanyoung ones have trouble registering diagonals in rapid succession “fully against collar diagonal registered, you let off like 5 mm and go back again into collar, the switch stayed activated so it won’t register the 2nd diagonal”. It also may have to do with different plunger depth like @Agieze mentioned. It’s reallt just an issue with deep diagonals.


The cores will work with any style Fanta Grommets. I can try to get you those actuator measurements too. Which Myoungshin one do you use the black or new white one?


@ykd it’s the black one. Can you also get the length and ID of the new delrin actuators too? Thanks I appreciate it. And does @wazwuz send an email when the product is shipped? I ordered Sunday night and I didn’t get an update on the order yet


@ykd also when i ordered the derlin set, i also ordered the 14.5mm metal actuator, will this one be the new material one??



i designed new actuator with black delrin for crown bat grip sized


Yup. All golden fanta actuators have the updated design meow.


Myoungshin Black Actuator:
Outter Diameter:16.4mm
Inner Diameter: 6.9mm

Taeyoung Actuator:
Length: 17.3mm
OD: 15.4mm
ID: 7.3mm

Golden Fanta Delrin Actuators:
Inner Diameter: 6.9mm

Sorry took a couple days to reply. been dealing with some stuff at home. but hopefully this helps you out.


@ykd interesting. That’s great buddy, thanks.


Recieved my parts in the mail. I can say that the new shin etsu gromett are really good, it doesn’t have the mushy feeling to it and now i have a revised 14.5m so i can use it in the fujin. This is my new favorite setup so far, green shin etsu, hard spring, 7mm and 14.5mm. For some reason i still don’t feel that the green feels as hard as the IST soft grometts which i do prefer, and the light blue feels abit too stiff for a fujin setup. Good thing about the springs is that putting the hard spring made the tension feel a little more tougher which was great. The weight revision of the metal is really good, it is much lighter and i prefer it this way for the actuators.

The light blue shin etsu (medium spring) works good on the Fanta 7mm and 14.5mm setup with all the switch support. My fujin has been out of action for a month or so while using the fanta as my main stick until these parts came in.

As for the derlin parts, it was hard for me to notice a difference with the core. I remember the metal one when i was used it i felt like it was hitting something at initial use, but honestly after a few hours i didn’t have this problem (i think my execution adjusted abit after a few hours). This derlin core hasn’t made any noise from first use, so i can’t really tell any noticable difference.

Since the dimensions should be the same, the metal core wouldnt make the gromett feel any tighter would it? If so ill consider going back to the metal core. Haven’t tried the derlin 14.5mm actuator yet. Would like to know everyone elses experience with the comparison of the derlin and revised metal parts / shin etsu

These parts are great overall, it feels like a finishing touch, making the stick setup more complete.




Sorry man I just had to laugh. What ? The blue shin Etsu is too hard for a Fujin setup? I know you have a Fujin, and the stock setup on the Fujin is much stiffer than the blue Shin Etsu. A real Fujin is supposed to be stiff as hell. That’s why Airbaguy makes them that way.


Hello, long time reader. Today I installed the GF core + heavy spring into my Myoungshin Fanta with the 7mm shaft, 14.5mm actuator and green 45A silicone. I seem to be getting a lot of wobble still. I’m guessing this is because there is a substantial deadzone due to the smaller actuator. I’m testing AM5 and Gersung A3 microswitches. I’m wondering if this is normal or if I should feel a very stiff stick? Video for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLi2VdkxUGw



Hello, can somebody tell me where I can get the super hwoarang? I live in Korea so shipping wouldn’t be a problem


yes the core is for Fanta grommets

Thank you for sharing your setup.
The wobble you experience is normal, lower tension silicone tends to wobble than harder one.
the wobble GF eliminate is death zone wobble (you can try it by removing the spring)


@wazwuz I received the package today. I see a clear difference between machined and injection molded actuator. I already favored taeyoung (medium grommet) over myoungshin and crown, but the only thing i despised was the extra large dead zone. Thanks to the spring, no dead zone. And unlike the crown, it doesn’t add to the tension of the grommet, so in my opinion, GF is a better spring design. I haven’t tried the brass but I feel that added weight would affect my movement, so I appreciate the delrin. It’s a hard plastic with low friction and I’m sure it will wear very slow. The only one I’ve tried so far is the 16mm in my taeyoung and I’m not gonna switch anytime soon. I felt myoungshin actuator was hitting diagonals too soon on my taeyoung, but was still an improvement over the stock taeyoung actuator which would miss diagonals. I feel 16 mm is the most suitable size. Overall, this mod makes my movement, spacing and bdc the most quick, easy and fluid so far. This was a satisfying purchase.

The mounting plate will need some extra work to sit flat on my myoungshin. The position of the holes for the nuts are slightly too close towards the middle so I’m gonna have to use a file to make some clearance for the nuts. I haven’t tried applying the support plate yet, not until I get the mounting plate first.

I have a question, Is there any benefit of filing and sanding the myoungshin body for the support plate if I’m gonna use it with the mounting plate?


Thank you. I glad you like it. You can use switch mounting without sanding myungshin body. Just be carefull when installing it since acrylic tends to crack easily and myungshin body is suffer form wraping which make the mounting need some gentle force when installing


Awesome, good to know! Just wanted to make sure the wobble I was experiencing was due to the lower tension silicone and smaller actuator and not a setup error on my part. Keep making great mods, this is one of the reasons I love k-sticks so much!


Recieved my new GF parts today .

Grommets !!! I recommend the green one , and generally that badge of grommet’s PERFECT product i dont know what else to say , i was havign so much issue with grommets and feel and mushy and snappy and what not with almost all the grommets rubbers on the market. that product cant get any better .

After i tried the new revised 14,5 actuator delrin one and brass one , i dont really know what to think about the delrin it feels diffrent than what am used to so far but its really good one thing i noticed though into play it feels bigger than 14,5 anyone has measurements ?
I really like the brass one it is abit lighter and the inputs are perfect first combo ive done when i installed it ===> https://gyazo.com/b1b6784e8eea9746eef67b4d0f3bcb05

Delrin core , this one is really huge improvement but still have the same issue with the brass one …in my opinion the hole diameter should be perfect fit for the GF shafts plus the lip that touches/hugs the shaft should have more body / be bigger but thats personal opinion ofc .
i am battling wich one i like the most because i was using the brass core for so long i dont know if am just used to the brass i keep practising with the delrin .

I really liked the clicky Hanyoung ones and they feel very close to am5’s but i really dont want to start loving them and then due to the discontinued nto be able to found them so i played few minutes and changed to OMRONS !
Omrons i think its the next thing we gonna see in korean levers all time , they feel a mix of am5’s and a2’s kind of wierd thing , they are very responsive and very sensitive i really liked them !

I am not a fan of the springs anymore i realised that they make you lose movement momentum , personal opinion though , although i noticed without them i get some random jumps that the spring eliminates so ill keep revisiting them and see what i can do with them . definatly worth using them though !

CONS about the new revised actuators delrin and brass is that they dont fit the old GF shafts i have , seems the shafts are too big sadly ~!

Really glad where this project has evolved to and i would really like to see some more changes to perfection especially with the core !


@ykd yeah the stock setup was too much for me when I got it, but the light blue actually has a nice feel to it and I feel like a lot of people will like it. With more use the tension of the green gromett I have started to really like.

I’ve tried the derlin and brass core, the weight difference you can feel it when moving the stick around, it does make a difference to the way the stick handles, It doesn’t effect tension or anything. I’ve also changed to the derlin 14.5mm and can also feel a weight difference. I personally like it but can see myself changing in between for different setups between the 2 actuator materials