Korean arcade parts discussion


man this place is quiet now. Glad to see my bro @Agieze is still here, giving out all the pertinent info. I want him to come to the Discord and be the Sheriff!


I personally have not used it, but a friend of mine in korea who is a tekken pro, told me its not very good. its basically an upgraded FLF. the switches on it are pretty shit i gather. I’m just not too thrilled that this is basically where they want to go from here on, and move away from the fanta. not good !!


Hey guys long time no see. Noob question here… I want to change out the grommet on my Crown 309MJ to a heavier one… I haven’t taken it apart yet but before I do, do I need any specific tools or anything? Can I use any grommet? Tips? Thanks


You’ll need a screwdriver to open it up, other than that you’re fine.
And no you can’t just use any grommet. They have to be cut to fit Crown levers. (Myoungshin or Taeyoung grommets won’t fit for example.)


Ok thanks a lot my brother. I appreciate the insight… just wanted to make sure I didn’t need anything crazy lol


Can someone give me a rundown on taeyoung fanta vs crown? I’ve used my friend’s Omni korean edition for a while and I really loved it so I’m set on buying a korean lever, unfortunately my stick has a Japanese mount and I’d like to avoid drilling a hole in the case

Do the 303fk/309mj japanese mounted crown levers come close to the feel of the fanta? What about with the higher tension rubber grommets and/or different switches?


I can only speak speak from owning a 309 helpme, but from a lot of reviews it’s the stick that is meant to capture the feel of the Fanta. I have a medium grommet in it, and I’m loving how smooth it is, I didn’t notice the “difficulty in diagonals” that people mention. The switches are screwed in so can be replaced.

On another note I notice that the 309 helpme never seems to be a favourite of anyone (it’s the best available in UK though) . Is there better out there? And also what mods do people recommend?


I have the same blemish on mine, but I didn’t find it affecting my performance. If you look into the collar hole as you push the shaft all the way to the collar, you’ll see that the point of contact is at the top of the collar. The blemish should have no effect on your experience. Verify that this is true for you first. If it is, then perhaps you may want to make sure your grommet is set correctly. Perhaps it’s even something with a microswitch and/or possibly the actuator.


Crown levers usually (always?) have a spring in them. The fantas do not.
They do not really feel the same but I would still recommend getting the 309 so you can just install it into your fight stick without making permanent modifications.


Yh I ended up going with the crown 309mj. I’m really happy with it actually, the diagonals are sharp and I get really clean inputs.
One thing though, the stock 25A grommet that came with it is really loose and almost unusable, I’ve ordered a 45A silicone grommet to go along with it and for some reason that feels really taxing compared to my mate’s fanta.
Do the grommets have a break in period where it will become slightly looser over time? Or should I look into getting a 35A grommet?

Thanks for all the tips btw.


Maybe after a while but for me they have stayed mostly the same.
Considering the Crowns use springs you can change those as well. Wazwuz’ golden Crown set has a nice variety if you are willing to spend the money.


Do you have an idea how much it would cost to ship them to the UK?


Probably a decent amount.


Please, can someone tell me whats the purpose of a restrictor plate on SDL Infiltration lever? I mean, the actuator don’t even touch the gate cause the shaft (shaft cover) touches the internal round colar first.


It definitely touches the circlesquare gate for me, it doesn’t feel like a circle.


For you? Man…it touches or not, that’s it.
I tried without the shaft cover and realize the grommet itself prevents the shaft to get that far, the actuator almost reach the restrictor plate but it never happend even with effort, it’s not a situation that i feel, i just see. So maybe mine is different or it’s the grommet’s fault…i’m using the stock one and maybe you’re using the soft one, otherwise idk

Edit: found it…actuator was placed wrong (short part must be facing you), it will perfectly fit upside down and you’ll have a shorter throw this way, idk why this happends but it happens. I’m curious to try the soft grommet this way since i don’t see it as a dangerous mod.


I like my 309helpme; it’s my main lever. I own a Myoungshin, but I prefer Crown levers. I’d like to try a Taeyoung, but the shipping costs and availability make it more trouble than it’s worth.

For mods, my 309helpme currently has a 45a grommet, heavier spring, sanwa compatible shaft and sanwa battop.

My 309mj isn’t my main lever so I just wanted to make it different. It has Gersung A3 switches, 35A grommet, 8mm shaft with an oversized actuator, maybe 16.5mm.

Grab one of the Crown kits @Wazwuz sells at Arcade Stick Indonesia and see what you like.


The actuator fitting upside down is on purpose. It’s even in the manual leaflet.



You’re right. Just saying upside down offers a shorter throw and it wont reach restrictor plate.


Hello guys, I think I know the answer already but can you confirm whether a crown 309 mj be an easy drop in for the razor panthera?

I also noticed some people at combobreaker using the new hori fighting edge and it appears they have Korean levers installed.

I’m thinking those were not drop ins but required drilling or additional hardware modification