Korean arcade parts discussion


I have been using the 309 lately, it’s amazing on tekken but went to try sf5 and can’t seem to do consistent fireballs any tips?


Both the 309 with Japanese mounting and the infiltration lever fit the Panthera without modifications. Just make sure you have the wire conversion harness for the switches.

And yeah I think both Jeondding’s fighting edge and Saint’s obsidian are modded.


I’m looking to finally try a K stick. I’ve tried a lot of Japanese levers, actuators, gates, springs, etc. and I continue to struggle with 360 motions (i play Zangief). If you were starting from scratch, which case/lever would you recommend? ty


Etokki Omni, Myoungshin Fanta.

Omni is a great quality case and has native Korean and Japanese mounting and it’s easy to open up so swapping levers around is a breeze. Myoungshin is a good lever to start because it’s pretty all-round and will give you a good feel for Korean levers which will help you figure out what you want in one. Unfortunately the Omni comes stock with a Taeyoung now but that’s not too bad either.


Thanks! Picking one up =) I’ll try the Taeyoung first and see how it feels. I think FocusAttack carries the Myoungshin too.


If I were starting from scratch I would get a Razer Panthera, then I’d get a Crown 309 or an infiltration lever to put in it.


Hi Hassun :slight_smile:

I actually have a Panthera, but I’m going to leave it with the JLF, I wanted an excuse to get a 2nd stick so I can swap between them without changing out the lever everytime. I ordered the Etokki Omni Korean w/ the Taeyoung Fanta + soft rubber.


Let me know how you like it!
I have both the myoungshin and the taeyoung. But what I currently have installed in the Etokki is a mixture of both + parts from Wazwuz golden fanta mod.

My panthera currently has the infiltration lever in it.


Yeah I got the Omni awhile back and tried both the tae young and myongshin, but I bought it used. I liked it for awhile and it was the best stick I ever used.
Then I ended up using the myongshin with the tae young actuator to find the perfect combo…and then went back to pad for the past 3 months or so and sold the Omni case to a local player and sold the Tae Young lever to another player.

Now I’m playing around with the razer panthera…I should have just gotten this stick from the start since you can open the compartment easily with one button. I asked Kodee at combobreaker what kind of lever he uses and he told me crown 309mj, he’s the best mishima player in the US …so I want to experiment with that. I still have the myongshin as a spare and the stock Sanwa on the panthera would be good to use for SF 30th anniversary collection.


I ordered a 309MJ for my Panthera too, can’t wait to try it… K Stick hyyypeee


I think the Panthera is easily the best arcade stick you can get in the $200 range.


excited to try out a K-Stick … just placed a order with Focus Attack for a 309MJ with a high tension grommet … gonna install the parts on a day off soon and start working towards my trip to Red Bull Conquest in Dallas.


Hey guys. Got some new parts from IST. The Gersung A3KZ version switches, I made a quick video to compare to the regular A3 Switches. Video of Switches
Also ordered the new crown bat tops from the Rotary lever: Click here to see the video.

Lastly I purchased the alpha lever. Here is a quick breakdown of it: Here

I hope this comes out okay. This new setup on phone is weird !


Cool to see you’re back!
The new crown pearlescent bat tops have a nice touch (a bit expensive though…) , yet they have similar brass inserts as seen on chinese replacement tops which only offer a small contact surface with the shaft, unlike the larger exposed insert surface seen with the sanwa lb-30n-cw.
One thing I don’t like about the removable Samducksa tops is the fact that they seem to drill out a cavity (you can see the tooling marks) then --push-- in the insert . The first batch Fujin V2 tops (many had the insert pulled out during play) seemed to have the same problem.
Molded-in and cast-in method is much more effective for joystick tops as the inserts (inserts are different in design too) have a better internal grip on the plastic material : see seimitsu and sanwa tops.
I have the impression the samducksa inserts are mold-in type yet they pressed them in. kind of funny to see they went form an ultra-sturdy american style shaft with overmoulded plastic top (pullout or unscrewing is impossible, the shaft is set in) to a screw-on top with push-in insert akin to chinese tops.
Makesitck dot has been offline now for a while, the only option is the US version of ISTmall, yet no product descriptions are in english, which is a clumsy move if they intend in dealing with non-Korean speaking customers.


Got the 309MJ installed in my Panthera, great lever, really good.

Also put a soft rubber in my Taeyoung in my Omni, also a great stick. The only thing I’d prefer is for a smaller dead zone, are there oversized actuators for the Fanta? I saw the Golden Kit but that has a ton of stuff I don’t need.



funny, I got the 309mj installed my panthera too…

I think i gotta get used to it…

all those reviews I’ve seen on reddit and other places generally mention the myongshin feels better than the crown if im not mistaken…and so far i’d have to agree.


If anyone’s interested in some custom korean parts made of delrin, I’m currently running an IC and we are at 11/20 minimum order. Here’s the post I made Delrin Complete set (actuators and core) interest check and I also posted on reddit regarding this to try to get the 20 minimum order of quantity https://www.reddit.com/r/fightsticks/comments/8pqbrr/ic_interest_check_for_delrin_custom_actuators_and/


I disagree. The omni is $199 and is fully moddable and hot swappable without having to do anything extra like drilling more holes ore getting extra plates but you probably already know that since you have one :slight_smile: Only downside is that KR shipping. LOL


I totally agree, if I could only own one stick, it would be the Omni without a doubt.


The shipping, lack of anti-slip bottom, and inability to be opened toollessly place it below the Panthera for me.
That being said I love and enjoy both.