Korean arcade parts discussion


You posted months ago but I have the collared versions of both the Myeongshin Fanta and the Crown 309 (also a 303) and the 309 may even be better than the Fanta. It is a very good lever.


That’s good to know, after getting used to the lever more (even in 2d fighters) I’ve found it highly superior to my modded jlf, although I do like the jlf in some areas more such as having a tactile feel in games that require it


I’m kinda curious about the Infiltration Lever because it is a K-lever with an octogate so it’d help with that (I think they also sell octo-collars at the site that does the Golden Fanta kits but as I recall the shipping was kind of a hassle/pricey).


As I’ve been switching between the Taeyoung Fanta and 309MJ, the Crown fits me better for my playstyle. I really like it and the fact that the collar is flat too. It’s my favorite lever so far.


I haven’t tried the Japanese-mount version but I imagine it is similar.


I havent tried the 309Helpme but I believe the 309mj is 25a while the Helpme is 35a. I actually prefer the lighter tension as I dont play Tekken so return to center isn’t a big deal to me.


Is not a octogate, it’s a semi-square and actually is not a big deal cause you will never ride 100% of the gate doing circular motions due the too large throw vs a very fast engagement so large motions is totally unnecessary.

The interesting thing is that if you mount the actuator upside down you’ll have shorter throw, i don’t know the secret about this but it somehow prevents the shaft to go too far and the actuator don’t even reach the restrictor this way, unless you put a unusual effort.

I think there is no problem by using this way which i prefer, good stick.


it’s certainly not a “semisquare” , it’s a squircle. A semisquare is just a half square, and if you’re thinking of the equivalent area lune shaped quarter figure , that’s not it either, far from it.

Crown uses a truncated circle as lower “gate” or rather guide for most sticks (303,309 etc) , it’s “squarish” in shape of course and the truncatures are evident.
For the Infiltration stick, they proposed and unreleased rounded corner square (sanwa-seimitsu style) in proto stage and released commercially instead two gates a true circle one and a “circle square” one.
circle square doesn;t mean anything, it’s just a commercial name they took either via google translate or probably to have the clients grasp the idea instead of giving them the more obscure (and official) term : squircle.

In terms of playing and feel, the squircle will “lock in” the actuator better in corners than in cardinals, but at least it offer some form of locating for the cardinals, albeit when trying to remain/lock in one cardinal you will experience some lateral rocking since the curvature is much greater than the actuator diameter.
Imo, the crown infiltration “circlesquare” (squircle) version is not very good, they should have released instead a squircle shape with tighter curvatures, to get closer to an octogate feel, instead, the one released commercially feels too close to the circle shape they also offered, to the point where many found that it wasn’t worth buying the other gate.
Another goof was not releasing the rounded square gate (sanwa style), that one would have sold very well.
Btw, infiltration stick designer yoO designed a different “custom” actuator (as stated on his article on ruliweb) , which is sold if I remember correctly , on IST’s new site in the accessory section.


Does anyone here in the Korean parts thread have a 15.5 golden mod actuator that they would be willing to part with? I bought the green lever setup from wazwuz, but I found that using the actuator from my 307 (15.5) feels better.


my 303, I meant.


Where do you live ? PM me