Korean arcade parts discussion


The Panasonic switch would be a lot better, if not revered if it did not actuate so late. It actuates when the hinge-lever is level with the switch making operating the stick awkward as you have to move the stick all the way to the point that it touches the collar-gate for it to actuate.

My Taeyoung Fanta setup:

  • Golden Fanta Mod by Arcade Stick Indonesia
  • Shat: 7mm
  • Actuator: 16.5mm
  • Grommet: Blue 55A
  • Golden Fanta Core + hard spring

I like switches that require high operating force to actuate because it allows me to feel when I have actuated the switches, I find this is nice to have on a gate-less stick. I guess I like the more ‘tactile’ feel of them. Whats also nice is that because they require more force to actuate, you don’t accidentally actuate opposing switches when returning to neutral.


So I installed a Crown 309MJ in my Etokki (K stick model), works great however the dust-washer is slightly smaller on the korean hole. Where can I get a slightly larger dust washer for it? thanks


you need the japanese plexi. you can get it from etokki themselves or focusattack.


Thanks for this!


Not sure if anyone has tried this yet or not. I made k-stick mount for the magenta today.
Inputs seem to be detected, but I don’t have a case to mount it in atm. It will be awhile before I get the chance to properly test it.


Neat! Eager to hear about the results.


question about lubricant for the golden crown…i also ordered the delrin core and set, and was wondering if you need lubricant when using those parts instead of metal on metal?


alas on his twitter page, the 21st july post says total throw 70mm


Korean Lever Breakdown, Episode 2: Crown 309 Series, will be uploaded mid week on the JMFRTK YT channel. Click Here to go to the page. please subscribe if you can, Next week there will be another twitter poll to select episode 3’s Lever choice. follow my twitter HERE to stay updated. I apologize for weekly posts plugging the channel, but we need to get the word out.
Also, if anyone has any comments, questions, advice, opinions, etc… please let me know. Truth be told I have zero experience in video production or editing. Really just trying to do this for people that are new, or interested in the levers, and want some proper info.

I really want to thank the people who I learn from as well, especially @Agieze , for helping me out and this forum so much, he is like an encyclopedia. I value your friendship a lot man. Also big shoutout to these great friends @zero_requiem @wazwuz @Marios @blankaex @The_Phantomnaut For their work in the discord, and here, teaching, researching, and creating, for our community. its a team effort in here and thanks to every part of this scene. I love Korean Levers, and you guys are all awesome



For anyone interested, this worked 100%. It’s a bit strange not having feedback from switch activation, my input accuracy suffered a bit, but that probably has a lot to do with muscle memory.

I made the mounting plate out of a 3/8 inch thick material, roughly the thickness of a microswitch. The PCB is shimmed with nylon washers. I used small metal washers to adjust how close the magnet is to the PCB, the screw is pretty long so there is room for adjustment. I also adjusted the height of the bat top using washers, there was enough thread left on the shaft to get a secure fit.

I tried using it with no actuator, but found it difficult to be accurate. Would probably be ok for games like Street Fighter, but I didn’t like it for Tekken. I installed the bottom piece of the Magenta actuator inverted which is roughly the same size as the stock myoungshin actuator, this setup is a bit better.

I had no problem leaving the Magenta software open and tweaking settings while in game on PC, which was convenient. You just have to connect the Magenta PCB first then connect the Arcade stick.

Pretty easy mod for anyone interested in trying the magenta, but prefers a Korean style lever.

I should add, being able to monitor your inputs live its amazing for finding where your input tendencies are weak.



Hello all, I miss SRK forum.

Yeah you are right, I realized making errors after posting it. I don’t have enough preparation when making video, just go on the fly. and when I saw an easier place to draw a marking line, spontaneously I use it. but it doesn’t matter since the point of the video is to show comparison and both use the same method and errors, hope you got the point.


I modified the airbag lever plate and stock myoungshin actuator to use with the magenta. This way I can get the feel of switches and the consistency of the Magenta. I’m thinking about mounting it to my Fujin lever, but would have to sand the bottom part of the Magenta shaft to fit the diameter of the Fujin bushing.

The base of the Magenta and the AirBager plate are the same dimensions, so you can carpet tape them together and use the Magenta base as a guide to drill your pilot holes. Then drill the pilot holes out to the proper size and tap them for use with screws.You can drill a shallow recess in the myoungshin actuator with a 10mm drill bit for the brass washer from the Magenta to rest in.


Awesome hack bro. Btw PAS is working on korean version of magenta.


That’s great news. Hopefully it’s based on the fanta so I can use your octo collar, grommets, and bushing on it.


it doesn’t matter since the point of the video is to show comparison and both use the same method and errors, hope you got the point.

it’s funny you hope I get the point, since that’s exactly what I said at the very beginning of my post :wink: :

The throw comparison between delrin golden collar and stock fanta is ok since the same error in method is made during both measurements. Otoh, the error gives a wrong value for total throw.[…]this being said, the custom collars look a hell of a lot better than the stock one.


anyone with a spare fanta lever in the UK?


Yo-O, main designer from Samducksa (Crown) says the SDB buttons will now be available with Cherry MX, led version, not only Futaba.
(The question is will the assembly be less loose than before)
It coincides with Razer’s announcement concerning their new mechanical switch based arcade buttons


Got quite used to my 309helpme, however a lot of people seem to rate other sticks more highly.
Being in the UK this was the most accessible stick, is their any need to go out looking for other brands? What might I be missing that the 309 doesn’t offer?


The 309 is fine. I guess if you really want, you can give a lever without a spring like the Myounshin Fanta a try.


Fanta grommet bushing, flat and beveled dustwashers I printed this morning.