Korean arcade parts discussion


Episode 2 Finally up Here.
The Crown 309 Series. Tried to put as much info without getting too long. In the description you will find a glossary of all their terms.
Thanks for the help guys!


That was a very informative video, you answered questions that I spent quite a while looking for answers for before buying my 309k


On another note…
Been training really hard with my 309k and noticed my game increasing, however I still have a lot of trouble with down back movements on the left side.
My switches are Gersung AM5 so I imagine that they won’t be the problem. I have the stock actuator as well a medium grommet.
Is this just a practice thing that will slowly fade?


Most likely a practice thing IMO.

Are you having trouble going directly from neutral to d/b, or just d/b in general? If you’re having trouble going from directly from neutral to d/b you may want to try using both your fingers and thumb to guide you in the direction. I had to train myself to do it this way after never being able to do it consistently with just my fingers. If you don’t need to go directly from neutral to d/b it would just be a matter of activating one switch and then gliding to the other for the d/b input.

Although likely a practice issue, it could also be attributed to the lever. I own a lot of Korean sticks and find there consistency to be very poor. For instance the grommets don’t always provide equal tension in each direction and in my experiences switch activation distance and resistance can very as well between switches of the same model. These slight variances can throw your inputs off. For me It’s been hard to find 4 switches that work well together, but I could just be picky. You may also find that you have a switch preference, personally I like older A2 switches which generally a lot of people don’t like based on what I’ve read.


Is there actually a difference between the crown 309 and 309mj in feel?
I’m curious since I saw in wazwuz’s golden collar video that his chopped collar doesn’t affect the throw at all but that’s for the myoungshin.