Korean arcade parts discussion


Have you tried 309MJ, is similar to SDL?
Is the 309 shaft compatible with SDL stick?


@wazwuz - is there a time frame on when the new golden levers will be in stock on the AS site?


Anybody know if the golden crown parts have been discontinued? The 35 grommet has been out of stock for a while


I know @wazwuz handles that, but it seems he’s gone dark. Hopefully he’s alright.


Apparently I posted in this thread 3 years ago, who knew? Lol

So yeah, I have a 360 MCZ SCV TE that I plan in modding with a PS4 audio+ board.

What do you guys recommend for easy install for the MCZ panel?

I’ve used crown parts before but that was like 20 years ago. I know it’s pretty pricey but I’m interested in that Golden Lever that Yuu-NoRespect keeps talking about on Twitter. There’s also the Lowhigh lever, but apparently that’s not much in stock anymore or something?

Tekken is my primary game (but I did learn how to play the game when I lived in Japan for 4 1/2 years, so I don’t plan on throwing Sanwa under the bus. I also like Sanwa as well as Seimitsu. I just want options since having multiple Sanwa sticks doesn’t make any sense for me. My Noir TE2 is my go to Sanwa stick. I also have a Seimitsu custom in the works as well).

So what do you guys recommend?


was able to get my hands on an omni and 8 crown cwb203c buttons w/ spacers. do they need to be soldered directly to the pcb or was there something i forgot to put in the cart when i checked out?


anyone here got the new Crown buttons w/ the Cherry Speed Switches in a Obsidian?


Does anybody know if there is a switch chart or something comparing lever switches? The Fujin v3 uses new switches and I wanted to see how the new switches compare to the old am5s