Korean Crown Sticks For Anime Fighting Games, And Also Stick Modding Questions


So I just recently got into anime games, and I was wondering if people used Korean bat top sticks for them. I noticed a lot of really popular players like Souji use Sanwa ball-top joysticks, and I’m yet to see a single anime player use Korean joysticks. So I was just wondering why that is. Also, regardless of the answer to my last question, I am planning to buy a crown stick from focus attack, and I am not very sure of which version of the crown stick will fit in my MADCATZ fightstick pro. I looked up some videos and a couple of them used adapters to put their crown sticks into theirs, so I was wondering what I would need in order to put the joystick into my fightstick.
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Korean sticks are the most popular with games like Tekken and to a lesser extent Virtua Fighter. Like how many old-school Marvel vs Capcom 2 players prefer American/European style joysticks.
For the “ANIME” fighting games most people stick to Sanwa and lesser extent Seimitsu parts. Seimitsu joysticks are popular with many shmup players.
For the bulk of Anime fighting game fans they are deeply entrenched with all things Japanese. And that most Japanese style sticks come as Full Sanwa (or Sanwa clones) as stock.

For you, there is no right answer; only what is comfortable for you, your play style ect.
Your own mileage may vary.


Thanks for the reply bro, Korean sticks seem really cool and I love playing fast moving characters and what I heard was that Korean sticks feel a lot smoother because of the rubber dome instead of the spring


I never heard Korean sticks move more “Smoother” before.

The real technical advantage for Korean style sticks is the ability to shit back to neutral without having to shift to dead center to more quickly execute a joystick movement for a move or combo.
This lends it self the best to the game mechanics of games like Tekken where being a bit floaty really helps as you need to return to neutral quickly.
Being floaty isn’t the best in games like Street Fighter.

Fast moving characters have nothing to do with this, its how the in game mechanics works with or against this style of game play.
Although there been expert players who proven this is not a definitive force in your game play, your own style and preference can override this.

I suggest posting in our Korean parts thread

Yes I started the thread, but no way am I the authority on the subject and the most the thread taken off the more I am left in the dust.
I know they basics, they know the nuances of the Korean parts scene.


Thanks for the reply, another thing i have heard is that you don’t need to push the stick as far for inputs, do you know if this is true?


Oh and also why would being floaty in games like Street Fighter not be very good?


getcha one of these playa. banana stick is only way to play the anime games properly.


Maybe floaty is not the best word to call it. Korean sticks are not that ridged in terms of shifting from one direction to the next.

Street Fighter requires a particular level of precision that Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks do offer (Happ and iL stick often fail to deliver on, especially on diagonals).
The Sanwa JLF is not as precise as the Seimtsu offerings, but the JLF has just enough precision to be forgiving when it comes to Street Fighter. Seimitsu Joysticks you have to be more accurate in your controller execution.
Become too inaccurate and you fail to pull off certain moves. This is why alot of people love or hate the Hitbox, as long as you can accurately execute your inputs, the all button system allows you to be extremely precise with all your inputs. You also have to relearn your execution techniques compared to a joystick.
Other hand if you are too floaty, you can miss your timing for the next input thus fail to execute your move correctly.

Not saying Korean sticks are inprecise, you can get very precise with a Korean joystick. You just have to be aware of the nuances of how a Korean joystick will effect your execution.


Honestly, since I just got my stick about 3 weeks ago, I think that it would be really fun to learn the execution style of a Korean stick, and it probably wouldn’t hurt me too much either.


You should be fine, if you got any additional questions head to that other thread I told you about.
People who frequent that thread are the real experts in Korean parts.


Alright man thanks alot