Korean EVO2K5 Ticket 3s tourney vids


The first one I wrote isn’t working correctly, so here it goes again.

As an effort to bring Korean capcom champ to evo2k5, Electric Cancel and I have teamed up to hold a tournament to send the winner to evo. The game of choice was Third Strike, and the tournament was held at Isu Theme Park on April 17th, 2005.

The format was double elim 2/3 for all matches except grand finals, which was 3/5.

25 Entrants


Winner: asistryu (Yun/Yang); Kim SoonGu
2nd : WANG (aka KIN) (Ken/Chun); Park Dong Won
3rd : FGLB 1ho (aka scorpio) (Ken); Kim HyoHoon
4th : Silver (Ken/Chun); Choi ChangYeol
5th : Nuu (Urien/Dudley); Jung KiWook

The vids are hosted on Korean GGXX#R Theater, thanks to drumshot. There is at least 1 more video of the preliminary matches in the encodings. These will be done and uploaded in a few days. The post will be edited with new vid, when it gets uploaded.

Thanks to all the cool cats that made this possible; namely tomhilfiger of Electric Cancel, Korean 3s players and #r players, Daum 3s cafe, Isu Theme Park, and myself.

See ya’ll at evo in VEGAS!


a korean champ that uses twins? OMFG finally


thanks for the vids, but honestly I can’t see Asistryu going that far, his Yun seems kinda tentative in GJ mode. Wish him the best of luck though, Korea represent~~~


wow, not bad. nice to know that koreans at korea aren’t bad at 3s. how’s the usual cvs2/3s at korea? i’m gonna be in seoul in mid july.


dont sleep on the korean capcom scene


hey laugh i heard from my close sources that you’ve been talking shit saying how the top korean players can beat the US, especially the FF players at 3s.

how about i issue a personal challenge. the whole korean team that comes for 3s at evo, against me by myself. for $200. this can be 1v1, or 1v20.

ok. too easy no fun?


i think the guy is coming by himself, its a far ass flight


hey yi. I think I know which close source. haha

I gotta tell him that some FF Ken player wants to give him $200 bucks, and when he answers, I’ll let you know bro.

The whole Korean team’s gonna be just him. You know my Ken (fear it!). It’s gonna be 1vs1.

ok. sounds fun.


Yi, he agreed. First to 10 games, winner keeps the characters. $200 it is. Better bring that cash with you, cuz we know who’s getting who’s dollarz


i dunno. i watched those vids. koreans seem ok at 3s. i think FF guys would tear em up tho. but then again, vids can be deceiving. be interesting


yeah, koreans play pretty smart though, like they are really patient and no fear with footsies, like they’ll stand in your face all day to bait a throw, but adaptation is the key, i don’t know how they’ll adapt to new styles of play


Man i wanna see this shit FFA players = helllllla cocky I’m a laugh if the koreans win <3

I would say it be cool if we won cause the US 3s scene is good but ffa isnt part of the us :smiley:

gl to yi though nig has a sick ken.


man, i want a piece of this…

**from the videos i’ve seen… i think yi takes this in a cakewalk.


i got 20 on yi. anyone want to sidebet?


i got 20 for the random korean let’s go kai <3


i will bet 5 star will win all 10 games in less that 10 minutes. and with at least 5 perfects.


:badboy: chobozzle: you’re on :badboy:

anyway, just saw the vids. while i firmly believe you can never really give an accurate judgement on someone’s skill based on their vids, i didn’t see anything that scares me more than some of the So Cal 3s players. The guy looked solid. Just not scary.


Yi, I didn’t know you liked Korean food, cause you’re gonna eat this guy.


that’s because you’re not very familiar with the game. these players have big flaws in their playstyles. they have decent hit confirm, but you can tell that they aren’t very experienced with top level play. I would say they’re about 3 years behind FFA.


just wondering paul, but what are some of the more outstanding flaws you noticed?