Korean fanta stick question


I’m thinking of buying this joystick Gammac Fanta Stick but before I do I’m curious how it feels like comparing to other joystick like japanese (sanwa) , american (happ). I’m looking for a stick that has very short throw distance but feel loose as sanwa JLF. if anyone have any knowledge using this stick before please reply.


If you like the feel of a JLF, you’re better off simply modding the JLF with some gaffer tape to widen the actuator then getting a Fanta (which feels quite different).


LS-40 has a short engage but feels “like” Sanwa JLF, the best choice for you, Korean sticks are too stiffer.


Does the Gammac even use a Korean-style stick?
SDTekken’s review mentions that it’s not authentic Myoungshin/Taeyoung parts.

However, the Paewang Revolution was a “Korean” stick that used a JLF-knock off.


I was curious about this as well because from the pictures of the Gammac stick the buttons look larger than normal Korean buttons.


I played the korean sticks for a week in seoul. its pretty good but it feels different than a Sanwa. feels nothing like a Happ though. kikimaru said it well.


I have the gammac fanta stick with a usb wire to plug into my PS3. Watch out for the wireless one of these, I heard mixed reviews about that one.

Before this I had real tekken tag fanta sticks in a custom modified case.

I noticed no visual difference between the two other than a color.
I felt no difference when I switched from one to the other. I can feel the 8 directions clicking. I am moving just as quickly and precisely on either stick.

Other people might be picky about the buttons themselves, but I’ve never heard anyone complain about the button layout. For tekken, the four main input buttons are ergonomically comfortable for me.

So in essence, while it may or may not be ‘authentic’ or ‘identical,’ I cannot tell the difference between the sticks.

Also it’s a nice solid, wide, and heavy case which is comfortable and stable.

I switch between the official tekken 6 arcade cabinet at SVGL and this stick pretty much seamlessly, maybe that’s years of practice, but it’s likely thanks to the similarity in feeling of the 8 directions clicking and how loose both of them are.


You can always swap out for a Crown stick for a looser Korean stick.


can u also use a myoungshin fanta with this case?


I remember laugh posted about his experience in trying to mod one of these…

IMO, it’s more like a JLF than Korean stick… It’s nice though, I like it. It’s a good stock stick IMO.