Korean Parts for sale

Big lot of Korean parts for Sale: $40 Shipped.

Everything in pic included:



All crown parts save the saulabi (non shiny) buttons


The Saulabi buttons can be switched with sanwa microswitches.

The sanwa pcb looking thing (i think it’s from a hori) has omron switches that you can take off on it that might be useful to get a feel you like from the k-sticks. Switching around the micoswitches lends a very different feel to each stick, as well as effecting the diagonal range. This lot should give some freedom to come up with a combination that works well for you.

Buttons are solder on terminals (with 3 terminals, kind of like a cherry microswitch). Buttons do have some solder on them from being previously hooked up.

22 tightening nuts included

Note about the buttons, test to make sure you chose the right two terminals to solder to first! Could be very frustrating to solder up everything then have to redo the half of them.:smile:

I interested it korean parts. I want Green joystick and same color 6 green pushbuttons and 2 red pushbuttons. I pay you $25 with shipped.

Oh I foget. I want sanwa microswitches leafswitches inside korean green joystick.

I would like send you PM with paypal. please

opips2, you really don’t want to get just the green stick. It uses leafswitches.


Yeah, what Evilsamurai said, and just to clarify, the green battop won’t swap with the other sticks.

PM sent.

How used is everything here? Do many of the buttons stick at all? Do the sticks return to center well?

so 40 bucks for everything Im interest I have paypal can you ship to mexico???

^ the shipping is $14 more than domestic for a total of $54 shipped(using the usps flat rate box), so let know if you’re still interested.

None of the buttons stick as far as I know, and the sticks being crowns are a bit looser than some fantas, but they return to center fine.

Cool, well I’m interested then. PM me your paypal info if there isn’t a waiting line.

no longer interested so poon you can get my spot:wink:

So whats the status on these parts? Are they still available?

paid for by moi! :slight_smile:

Every ting? :sad:

oh hell yes. that’s too good a deal :slight_smile:

hey poon, you got a pm, got my inbox cleared out now