Korean Parts in a TE?

I was curious to know if korean parts will fit in a TE without modding or do i need to dremel the plastic?

The stick will not fit on its own with out some modding, ether a replacement top panel or one of Blk Lightings Universal mount plates as they fit anywhere a sanwa mount plate would fit.

Blk Lighting is the only one I know who will do a TE top panel that would allow a Korean stick.

As for the buttons, they are 28 mm instead of 30 and slightly longer, so yes you might need some dremeling.

As a alternative you can wait for the Onmi from etokki.com, it has a Fanta stick, crown buttons and a dual support PCB.

Do you know when its being stocked?

I honestly do not know. Blk Lighting wants to get his current orders all out of the door first before he sets back up his shop.

But I do imagine unless he goes for the universal mount holes again, top panels will be custom made to order.
Give it a few weeks or so, when Blk Lighting is ready. You can periodically check his TT thread for updates.

Doesn’t Mark have a modded TE with a Fanta? You can probably ask him how he had it modded.

That is funny because I know a Mark where I live if I can do a Korean mod for him. I asked him to call me when he is ready.

I am sure you can mod the original stock top panel. If you are able to pop that weld on that bracket underneath, and drill the accommodating holes.
I am sure a replacement top panel is much easier and straight forwards of a mod.

If you can figure out the pattern you want, you could get someone local to cut a piece of sheet metal and maybe matching plexy for you.

As mentioned in the other similar thread to this one Markman does in fact have a K-stick modded TE stick.