Korean stick in europe(?) need help

I want to ask you guys, if u know where i can get a korean arcade stick in europe.
I live in germany and I play Tekken 6 and SSF4.
I own a qanba empire arcade stick (similiar to the TE)
and now I want to get a good korean stick, but i dont know where i can get one and wich one it could be…if there are some…^^

can you maybe help me out of this mess?^^
sorry 4 my bad english
thank you in advance and good day

Hi Eltorro,
Arcadeshop: Arcadespiele, Automaten & Ersatzteile hat Crown joysticks; ich weiss aber nicht ob du’s in einen Qanba stick installieren kannst.
Du brauchst zumindest einen 35mm Bohrer, damit ein Koreanischer stick durch die Platte geht.

Der “beste” stick währe Crown CWL303.

(ps. please excuse my bad German)

thx for your help kikimaru
your german is really good :smiley:
but i want to buy a korean arcade stick with ps3 support…not only a crown joystick^^

Ask bencao74 to make a custom korean stick for you (german SRK member, very prolific), it’s the only solution I see

Die billigsten Koreanische Sticks für PS3 sind die Saulabis:
Wooden Korean stick PS3


Buy Saulabi 4K Arcade Stick (Windows? PC & PS3?) - Play-Asia.com

Leider sind sie mit Myoungshin Fanta “leaf-switch” ausgestattet – nicht Myoungshin Fanta “micro-switch”.
Die Saulabi Tasten sind aber OK.

Cheapest sticks for PS3 are Saulabis.
Sadly they come fitted with Myoungshin Fanta “leaf-switch” and not “microswitch”.
The buttons are OK.


lol, you’re speaking a much better German than several Germans do, indeed :wink: Where did you learn it?


I grew up in Munich :smiley:

the easiest solution would be to get a chisel and a mallet, and engrave MADE IN KOREA, on your qanba stick…