Korean Sticks for Sale (MAYBE?)


I ran across these 2 sites doing a search for CROWN JOYSTICKS. I haven’t had time to translate the site using Babel Fish b/c I have to go to work in the next hour. So I’m hoping someone here knows Korean and can inform me about what it says and how to order. If these are legit Crown parts I would definately want to place an order, as I’m sure many of you would too. So I’m thinking a group order if it is legit crown parts.

Here is the site:


One other site that sells the arcade stick also.

Like I said, first of all I’d like to find out if these are the real Crown parts and then is it possible to place an order and ship it to the US?


Well those Korean stick pics look like my Crown Korean stick.

Here’s a pic of it.



Those are Korean sticks alright, but both of you have misinformation about their name/manufacturer. They’re manufactured by MyungSin, but everyone calls it Fanta stick, like it says on this page http://www.stickstation.com/goods/stick.html in korean (???). If your stick looks like this one from the bottom (which is 99% likely), then it’s Fanta.

I don’t know if stickstation ships internationally for sure, but sticknara.com and stick.pe.kr both ship internationally if you email the admin first, probably in korean.

I’m staying in Korea right now, so if you wanted me to, I could send them over. Btw, I’m korean.

Crown kinda lost its position as a stick maker right around late 90’s when those green sticks started to dominate in the arcades. They’re still top tier in cabinets and buttons tho. Crown still makes several different kinds of sticks none the less, which all have the same green shaft and very different construction on the bottom from Fanta sticks.

PM me if you wanna


I heard Mago was Korean.

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Pm’d you.
I’m sure many member will probably be interested as well. I have no problem placing a bulk order and parting it out for the US crowd.


The price is 5,500 Korean Won for the sticks which converts to ~$5.50 US Dollars. Is this correct?


wow, if that’s the case imma order like 500 XXD


!!! :wow:

If so i’m down for 4 of them!!!



The stick itself, not the full joystick with buttons and pcbs and all, is 5,500 Korean won. Amazing price, huh? Kinda makes you think about how much other stick manufacturers profit from their sticks.


Jesus. At that price, I’d love to have two as well. Can you bring back two to the states for me?


I’m in for a group buy…


Are you sure about that? Because it has Crown engraved on the battop of my Korean stick.


Well, if it says Crown, then it has to be Crown, huh.


I’m not coming back for a while. End the Korean arcades + chicks combo so soon? go figure

It’s turning into a group buy. In this case, who’s gonna redistribute them in the states? unless everyone wants to go individual.


As stated I plan on buying a few sticks and buttons and I have no problem distributing them to board members. :tup:


Can anyone show me what sticks and buttons are available? And if there are any special mounting instructions?


I’m still trying to work on it and see what we are going to be able to get. But so far it is this Stick, http://www.stickstation.com/goods/stick.html
Mounting appears to bottom mounted like a happ joystick.

And we are trying to get some Crown arcade buttons which are a better quality. No pics yet. He said that the buttons have a real small body, about 11 mm. The size is still unconfirmed. :karate:


Huh, works like a Happ Super…

I’ll keep a close eye on this thread, thanks for your efforts…


For those confused about the Korean stick feeling, heres a compilation of posts of mine from TZ & SRK:

Laugh - I get sticks from sticknarajin but if you can get korean sticks by themselves, i will order some. As for distribution, if we all do a group order, we would need some who the hardware community on SRK can trust 100% to distribute the sticks.

Also, you can only get green knobs? I have korean sticks with red, black, purple, and dark blue knobs. If you can only get green, thats fine.


does anyone have info on korean balltop joysticks?