Korean T6BR control panel button layout

Hi guys,
I want to build a arcade perfect korean stick with a fanta and crown buttons.
Can anyone give me the dimensions of the button layout on the Korean control panels?
If I just use a button layout template from slagcoin, do you think it will feel odd with the 28 mm buttons?
I think the gaps between the buttons may be too big as the layouts on slagcoin are for 30 mm buttons.

Thank you

Hi dude. I’m not sure what’s popular in Korea now that pretty much everything has gone HD, but here’s what they rocked for Tekken 5 and pretty much every other fighting game at the time.

If they have a new and different standard now, it would be cool to hear more about it!

Thank you very much deadfrog, that is exactly what I was looking for.

Bumping this thread… Does anyone have layout from korean T6BR cabinet with measurements plz??