Kotaku does it again

How the hell do they try to justify something like this? It has to be one of the worst gaming websites on the web.

Dude listen, Kotaku has been a running joke forever. Only idiots seriously read it. Sadly, that’s a majority of the internet.

stupid nerds

Well everyone knows that, but it has a huge influence on the internet.

You guys know what I’m talking about.


On the UltraChen episode yesterday, the female gamers in the interview basically called out Kotaku for being shitty. Though I doubt Kotaku and PennyArcade would do anything about being called out for being ignorant.

Destructoid ran the same article.

But the Destructoid article is unbiased.

I don’t know why anyone gives them attention, especially the more reputable sites and companies. They have a shady history and at one time got on Sony’s bad side. They have a reputation for blowing things out of proportion and taking things out of context (remember that Scribblenauts issue they reported, where one of the words was apparently racist?). Kotaku’s pretty much the tabloid of VG industry news. Complete trash.

Complete bitchassness. This is how you know they don’t have quality articles. This is grasping for straws here.

In DoTA2 I got randomly matched with someone who literally wrote 5000 words about the differences in difficulty between it and Heroes of Newerth. I know there is no God because of this experience.

I read that article and I dont get what the problem is. I never look at Kotaku due to its reputation but this didnt seem out of the ordinary.

So this somehow detracts from the ME gaming experience? Who gives a fuck you virgin nerds.

They’re trying to justify a 20 minute photoshoped stock-photo of a major character whose appearance has been hyped up for two games.

I haven’t really played the franchise much, but I know a lot of fans were waiting for this moment for a long time, and instead they get this lazy piece of work.

Kotaku is just a terrible terrible website, and anyone who listens to them are morons. :slight_smile:

i agree. also i don’t see why they should bring this up. i never played ME3 but probably bioware meant to use the photo as an easter egg. i mean if the character has never revealed her face (and never will i assume), then they probably used the photo as a joke or prediction.

perfect example kakashi from naruto.

Kotaku is trash, people. Also, birds go tweet. The only concerning thing about Kotaku is their popularity.

Really this is a thing?
Like not a joke post or anything?

oh silly SRK there you go doing it again.

“Angry gamers sent a barrage of e-mails to Kotaku’s tips hotline last night”

LMAO… I’m sure they have nothing better to do at night :wink:

Stop getting upset at Kotaku. Don’t read it.
They intentionally create rage-worthy stories simply for the pageviews. They’re part of the Gawker network; that’s all you need to know.