Kotaku does it again

i’d hit it…


Man I would have to hunt you down and kill you… if I hadn’t seen the article earlier where they gave a spoiler warning.

Maybe it’s the paint fumes talking, but this is fucking hilarious on so many levels.

I don’t think anyone here is agreeing with them, ese.

I don’t get it. Are they angry because it’s a stock photo? Would it have been a better payoff if Bioware hired a model to pose for a pic instead? People get angry about weird things. And isn’t this the character with the goat legs? She’s pretty hot then.

What the fuck is a “stock photo”? Ive never even heard of that shit till I read that article.

Anyway, I think its kind of funny that all sorts of nerds had their creepy video game sexual fantasy’s dashed.

Majority? To be quite frank I don’t know anyone that reads Kotaku. Matter of fact I’ve never even heard of Kotaku anywhere outside of SRK.

I thought they were like some little niche website, but apparently they are some what big in the gaming culture. Which doesn’t even really mean shit.

Did you guys see the post about Final Round? About how it was a successful tourney and how hard Shinblanka and the FR staff worked while the rest of the FGC donated money for his mom’s funeral?

Yeah, neither did I.

lol “gaming journalism”


People like Greg Land and Salvador Larroca have been doing this shit for years in comics.

Frowned upon or not, it’s nothing new and is seriously unsurprising.
Get over yourselves and stop fretting.

“He said he reads Kotaku.”

That would be a stock photo.

Guys, Kotaku has to be legit. They reported that SBO was using Madcatz sticks for SF4.

Kotaku Blah Blah.

Tali was one of my favorite characters from ME so using a stock photo for her reveal is pretty disappointing, but not as disappointing as her reveal being just a fucking photo on Shepard’s desk. That’s some bullshit.

That I can understand.

Kudos on knowing that Francys Pai.

It’s unfortunately one of the first things I learned when I first stepped into drawing. Sucks really because Greg Land did most of my favourite artwork in the Phoenix Endsong book.

Ah well, guess it happens.

Does anyone ever say anything about greg horn? in my opinion, he just takes a picture of a model and paints it…

Can’t spell Kotaku without spelling otaku.

Can’t we just have a “Bump this thread whenever Kotaku shows their extra chromosome” thread or something?

Guaranteed it would stay front page.

I’m not sure. I figured most of it out from being part of ConceptArt. I don’t really hound the sculpture section X3

In Ogre’s voice from “Revenge of the Nerds” Ahem “NEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!”