Kotaku: "His first fighting game tournament ended in Frak"


I’m sure anyone who’s tried switching controllers and dealt with the days of retraining your fingers feels this guy’s pain.

Is this an actual thing in tournaments, anyway? This is the first I’ve heard of regular Bluetooth PS3 controllers being banned.


Wireless controllers have always been banned.


Wireless PS3 controllers have always been ba…damnit!!!
Damn freeze-up!

Anyway…it was dumb on the TO’s part to change the rules during the tournament.


Any controller with wireless functionality is not allowed. Plugging a Dualshock controller into the console itself does not remove its wireless functions.

I’m not even sure the TO changed the rules halfway, but it’s more likely that nobody was aware of the fact that he was playing with a standard PS3 controller until it was brought to one of the TO’s attention. Still a pretty shitty deal though.


stop giving kotaku pageviews


I can totally understand playing on something unfamiliar, it definitely sucks. However, it should have either been stated clearly in the rules (just in case it wasn’t) and the guy should have checked them. On top of that, I thought it was common knowledge that wireless controllers are banned?


PS3 / XBOX -> setup -> bluetooth -> Disable

Problem solved in a smart way?


“I went to my first ever fighting game tournament and only got to the semi finals!”

Sounds like a bit of sodium chloride to me.


It’s time for tough love with some big ole’ Sosage:

“Anyone who plays fighters above the casual level knows how fucking important muscle memory is when it comes to execution.”

Anyone who plays fighters above the casual level should also know well in advance by now that wireless isn’t allowed in just about any tournament. Ever. At the very least, knows to check the rules before committing to the event. Especially if you are going to complain in a very high profile and public way afterwards.

Also, if he thinks muscle memory is a bitch in 2012, we can always jump in the Delorean and play in a pre-1999 tournament. When everyone played on mystery stick and button configurations based on what was installed on a couple of arcade machines (in some cases, each machine set up differently as well). Where the only people 100% use to the set up were the location’s regular players.

“Now I’ll never know how far I might’ve gotten with my true abilities.”

After today, the human race decided there will never be another tournament ever again.

Hopefully he’s learned his lesson, although unfortunately, very publicly. He’ll live to play in another event and have the unbelievable powers of his true abilities rip his clothes, create a flaming aura outline around his body and make his eyeballs glow in front of thousands.

The real winner here is Kotaku. The sensationalistic, overly dramatic and factually questionable hub of game articles scores another round of page views.


You need to see it live what happens when you DON’T ban wireless, and some idiot presses his home button during a tournament match…


The first comment on that article

“I quit playing fighting games after I damaged a wireless 360 controller because of it. I was playing split-screen Dead or Alive 4 with an acquaintance. He had me stun-locked against a wall and I couldn’t do a Goddamned thing. When he started trash-talking me, I tore the battery pack off my controller and flung it at the wall. I did that because the other option was to throw the entire controller. The battery pack broke into two halves and had to be glued back together. I never played that game again, and I never played a video game with that guy again.”


We don’t ban then in our local tournaments. I’ve had some incidents of this in the pools I where I was the marshal.


Technically his mistake wasn’t playing with a wireless controller. His mistake was playing DOA. Just a thought.

  1. The others (esp. 3.1) are somewhat decent. It’s DOA4 where winning was best achieved by mashing counter since every move could be countered out of in that game.


Who actually says Frak for fuck’s sake.


fuck kotaku

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case closed

you don’t even need to click that link because that would just be feeding the idiocy that is kotaku


I like the idiot comments about how the ban on DS3s is bullshit and that TOs should just check and certify every DS3 in the tournament and remove the batteries. Ignorant fucks who don’t realize the logistical nightmare this causes should just shut the fuck up.


How about i one up you and ask, what the fuck is a frak?

Fun fact: SRK runs like shit at 3am, took 6 minutes for this post to go through.


The guy only lost once, why would he be out of the tourney?


Might have been single elim.