KOTC Fighting Game Tournament 2 Results

Hey Everyone. Sorry for the delay. Our brackets decided to delete themselves so we had to fix them up before we posted the results (thank God for print outs). Anyway here are the results.

AE: 1: aquASILK
2: hiro
3: mmS Native Impact
4: F.N.E.X. K Brad
5: RK/ Grover
5: NY Chris G
7: phire
7: bifU-@MrInsaynne

Marvel: 1: NY Chris G
2: MH/ Ray Ray
3: MH/ Alukard NY
4: G.O DreamCrusher
5: JrOSA
5: BifU-@MrInsaynne
7: F.N.E.X. K Brad
7: DG Baydu

SFXT: 1: Hiro
2: NY Chris G
3: BifU-@MrInsaynne
4: F.N.E.X. K Brad
5: Nu Jersey King
5: LokoMakoto
7: Baz
7: Raved_Brawler

Persona: 1: RK/ Grover
2: NY Chris G
3: RK/ Apollo
4: xNozomi
5: CoN
5: Staccato

KOF: 1: RG PachuKOF
2: NY Chris G
3: CON

Soul Calibur 5: 1: lord Savior
2: xNozomi
3: tiger Mama
4: mr. Zero
5: Little Italy
5: sol Lekz
7: newmann86
Tekken Tag 2: 1: LoC
2: Brian H
3: Lord Savior
4: King of Hearts 4711
5: Luna 909
5: CoN
7: Raved_Brawler
7: Zecks__Merquise
MK 9 was not run due to lack of entrants
All in all, the even was a blast this time out. More games to play, more prize money up for grabs. Streamed content (twitch.tv/mrzero20), more pros, and more hype. There was an issue with the streams repeatedly resetting and causing for some pauses in our events. In part due to crappy internet, and other due to unfamiliarity with the network. That being said we apologize for any issues. All things considered it was a blast though and I am hoping to see you at the next event.