KOTC Fighting Game Tournament [July 21 2012]


Everyone, I’d like to give a thankyou/shout out to the FGC, SRK and everyone for coming out and making the event one to remember. KOTC hasn’t had the best reputation for hosting fighting tournaments, but this time we nailed it. Had around 400+ people to come out, prizes, raffles, known people from NJ, NY and even people as far as DC and the like. But none of this could have happened without you for coming through and making the event hype. Of the issues people brought up make no mistake, they wont be there next time, and we look to incorporate more for the next one. As for the tournament itself


AE: 1st: Chris G
2nd: Insaynne
3rd: Grover
5th:FNEX Madness

(23 entrants)

Marvel: 1st: Chris G
2nd: Flux
3rd: Grover

(28 entrants)

SFXT: 1st: Chris G
2nd: Insaynne
3rd: Vnasty

(16 entrants, singles only)

MK: 1st: SonicFox
2nd: Chris G
3rd: Insaynne
4th: Douglas
5th:The Naz Effect

(5 entrants)

SC5: 1st: SonicFox
2nd: Yoki
3rd: Insaynne
4th: Phrolicious Phil

(4 entrants)

Here is the link for the full brackets: http://imgur.com/a/Dvlky#0

Here are some pics of the fighting games and players, sorry for the shitty quality: http://imgur.com/a/BWZ89#0

And here is the website with most of the photos from the event:

Once again thanks for coming out, for the feedback, and most importantly the support.

Hope to see you at the next one!


I already posted most of my critiques up on the facebook group. Good job. Hope you guys manage to keep this thing going for the next few months. Also, you guys (you, Tom, Rod) should at least make more appearances at local events. Everyone else in Jersey is making an attempt to now. Plus, it gives you guys an opportunity to get everyone to know what yall are about.


Yeah Roy, I was not there to see your post (I think something happened to it if I recall) but we did talk about it on the phone. I know I personally went to local gamestores and the digital press tourney the night before. I spoke with chris, phire and some others about some local battles showings so trust I am doing my part. Either way, thanks for the congrats, and even more, thanks for the critiques.