Kowal Flat Plate Converter: Does it work for Myoungshin Fanta...?

I apologize if this post has been made by someone else.

I ordered a Myoungshin Fanta to put in my Hori RAP 4 Kai. I knew I would have to drill the case so the stick would be able to fit, but I didn’t take into account that the Fanta stick doesn’t have a mounting plate like the Crown 303 I was using.

So, I went on Focus Attack and saw the Kowal Flat Plate Converter. On Focus Attack it says, there are holes that will match up with the Fanta. But I was wondering if anyone has actually tried using a Myoungshin Fanta with the Kowal Flat Plate Converter.

If it doesn’t work, is there any other way I can install the Fanta…? I know I can put screws straight through the case… T_T … but I’d rather that be my last option.