Kowal Short throw mod + LS56


I searched and didnt see much on it. Has anyone tried this combo? Somebody that has experience with LS32 sticks. I plan to buy buttons and a stick for my back up stick. My main has ls38, my ps/dc has ls32 and i was going to pick ls32 for my ps3/pc/ps2 backup stick. But i wouldnt mind mixing it up alittle. I owned the ls56 for awhile, it was pretty good, but LS32/38 is my stuff. Just curious is the ls56 mod make that much of a difference feel wise



Far as i know I’m the only one who has done 56 sort throw mods.


It does what it’s supposed to (reduce throw), and it works with either the stock square gate or the octagonal gate. This isn’t a “no throw” level modification (wouldn’t work with both gates if so), but it does reduce throw dramatically. MC has a no throw square option if you wanted even smaller movement.

Do note that the kowal mod requires an 01 (5 pin pcb) variant.


I just put the kowal short throw on my ls-62 as it shares the same base as the ls-56. The ls-62 is very similar to the ls-32 as far as shaft height. I noticed that I found a much more comfortable short throw with this mod and it was well balanced. To note I went with the imperfect short throw setup from focus attack. With both plates attached its a difference of 1mm shorter or 5mm in height increase. I feel it’s balanced perfect for shorter shaft joysticks.

The difference wasent dramatic for me but was noticible and a defenanant improvement. Is say not to short and not to long but perfect!


Oh right, I totally forgot about that mod. I’ve had very little interest in modding the 56 base further since I think other levers are superior. Especially considering I did the whole acrylic gate thing going on 4 years ago with multiple throw tweaks. It’s just old news to me.

I had several, not just no throw, and I had circle, square, and octagonal with stock, short, and no throw for each. There was also no need to raise the gate or require a PCB.


I have waiting this item KOWAL LS.ST Short Throw Mod for Seimitsu LS-55/56/58/60-01 Joystick.
How can i install in my Seimitsu LS-56-01?