Kray Vewlix Cab with 2 player control panel *SOLD

LOWBALLERS need not apply
List of Lowballers:
retiredjerk: Offered “modded ps3” as a trade.

Records are gone!@
Vestax mixer is GONE!
Kraylix is SOLD SOLD SOLD.

Now I won’t get to play on it. :crybaby:
But you need water heater.

That’s a shame man, good luck with your sale.

i would take some records off your hands but i am far from local T_T

wow it is 12:36am but yet the post time says 8:36am…wierd

Dude, a stack of fifty per person?
How many you have?

Maybe like 4 or 5 stacks? I’m not sure, since it’s been awhile.

I wonder how much shipping would be… =0

Subscribed to this, if you havent sold it by the 22nd I may take it off your hands. I live in San Jose but I’m going to blizzcon so I’ll be in anaheim then.

Hey TriXWoN. Keep me updated. Also consider bringing a van/suv. Theres a 3 big boxes and the side pieces.

$620. Price drop on Kraxlix cab. Don’t sleep on thizzz

it sucks you have to sell your kraylix man. bump goodluck with your sale

Damn, I would be at your door right now to get those Vinyl if I didn’t move so far away.

is that a corrola?

Yes, that’s a corrora. Thanks for the bumps guys. I’ll even offer to slap this puppy together, so all you have to do is load it on your truck and take it away. Let’s make it happen.

If you decide to ship Ill take it.

I would also take it if you decide to ship real talk.

Sorry to hear about your water heater James. I wish that I had the time to start a project like this one (completing a game cabinet of my own)! Good luck with your sale bro’.

God damn, that sucks. Good luck on that sale. Seems like Kray does great work.

Kray does awesome work. I’m a firm believer! Lowered price.

One stack of records gone. Anybody else? Gotta move.