Kraylix Arcade v4 TE With Mad Catz MLG Arcade Fightstick?


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I’m looking at getting one of the Kraylix Arcade units from Right now I’m figuring out all the details and specifics of what I need. I want to get the Kraylix v4 TE where I can just buy a couple TE fightsticks and mount them to the unit as intended. Or I’m also looking at getting a similar Xtension cabinet:

However, A) the SF IV TE sticks are super expensive and B) I just found these Mad Catz MLG Arcade TE fightsticks on the microsoft store for $99 each:

So my first question is, is this essentially the same fightstick as the SFIV TE? It looks like it to me, can anyone verify? Does anyone have dimensions of each? Microsoft has a 30 day return window, so I think I’m going to order one to use with my 360 no matter what, and I was told it comes with a return label in the box too :slight_smile:

I’ll have more questions along the way I’m sure. Thanks in advance!



moving to tech talk, was posted in vanilla sf4 for some reason


The MLG TE has the same dimensions and is the same case even just with different branding.


Yep… Although you have to double check if the Kraylix TE is designed for the original TE, or the slightly slimmer TE-S style. Almost every stick since SSFIV Round 2 has adopted the new style sides (the MLG being the only exception that comes to mind).

Either way, it’s no biggie - you can easily get both TE AND TE-S style sides from the MCZ store, although color choices are a bit limited. Alternatively, you can look in the Trading Outlet, since I’m sure people are always selling them there. The main body is identical for both. Thank goodness for the TE being a very popular body style. :slight_smile:


I think the SCV stick, which is noir though, and not as good looking, are identical to the standard TE sticks aswell as being $99 with free shipping from Amazon.


By just looking at the pics of the mlg sticks - they look exactly like the sf4 round 1/2 TEs. I’m sure they’ll fit fine. Plus keep in mind your buying a custom cab from kray he can most likely make any custom accommodations.


It’d been a while since I looked at Kray’s site and I think that some clarification is actually necessary to answer this accurately.

First, it looks like Kray’s changed up his TE offering from the last time I looked and The “Kraylix V4 TE” now refers to a cabinet with a control panel as follows:

He doesn’t state on the product page explicitly but based on the description these panels are designed to accept top panels from TEs with the bezel. In this case, the Mad Catz MLG branded TE will NOT work as it uses a full panel top, no bezel.

The TE that I remember seeing was actually just a tray with dimensions to accept two full size TE sticks (like the MLG) but it appears that’s not on his list anymore.

I’ll go ahead and repeat my original concerns though about this approach to your arcade cabinet that I edited out as potentially being irrelevant:

It would be HIGHLY recommended to proceed with the standard V4 with a built in control panel when you do decide to go forward with your arcade cabinet plans. The V4 TE kray has will still require you to have an additional controller PCB for each controller, and you will have to disassemble your fightsticks to hook them up. This is not very convenient.

The other problem with this approach is that you will be moving your artwork to the cabinet as well with your control panels and will not be able to setup your on panel art overlays. The V4 comes with a full panel and plexi overlay allowing you to print and insert your own panel graphics.

Also, I did a quick parts list and if you wanted to fully kit out a regular V4 control panel, you’re looking at about 190$ total for a PS3/PC specific build (using an advance face cerberus) or 255$ to use PS360+ boards instead.

Granted if you’re looking for a general use fight stick now, the MLG TE is a fairly nice stick (I’ve got two), but when it comes to doing an arcade cabinet, you really should consider the benefits to a built in control panel.


Normally I don’t like people who gut their Arcade sticks for a Cab, but I see how this could work.


At the price that MS is offering that stick, though, a TE bezel from the MCZ store and a plexi and artwork from Art Hong are all you need. A TE is still a TE, after all. :slight_smile: The guts and the metal panel from the MLG stick will be useful anyway.


Adding in a bezel from the mcz store and plexi from Art and you’re spending more it would take to just fit a standard V4 2player panel with parts.

The only real benefit I could see is if you wanted to rig something like a 25pin db connector in the TE and the Kraylix cab that would make panel swaps fast and easy. The price is good for a stand-alone stick but it doesn’t gain you anything in terms of cabinet building really.


Just bought this last week. and ready to play in two hours. really like the Kraylix but i have no free time to paint etc. It is excellent cabinet, need to cut hole for tv input at the back. Next step would be to mount the stick to the table. But it is ok for now. I printed 24x36 picture at costco for the light marque (size is 33 by 6.5 inches)


i considered that but the height of the sticks… too high.


I agree, either the control panel needs to be lowered or the screen gets moved up.


very true. I moved the screen up already. This is a picture when I just put it together. in the process of building a top to drop the stick down or gut it and mount.


update with flush mount the TEs


link doesn’t work.


Looks great!

I actually have one of those kits on order; hope to get it soon. Can you tell me how much space there is underneath, behind the doors? Also, I noticed it seems to be completely open in the back, which is probably good for ventilation, but not sure it looks good. I wonder if it would be possible to (a) add a bezel of some sort between the clear plastic and the TV and/or (b) add a back to the cabinet.

How are you liking it so far?

Xtension arcade sit down cabinet

i love it :slight_smile: will take more pictures for you later tonight. lots of room in the cabinet. the bezel, modified back etc are possible but I have no time to do those thing hehehe. will probably cut a bezel sheet for it later.


Holy Cow that actually looks good somehow.


To hold the home board just press tight then use one screw to hold it in place. It is tight fit and no need for the screw unless to force it down.

I also update the ball to a bat top and octagate