Kraylix cabinet with XBOX 360 wired. San Antonio, TX - On Ebay


Hey guys, we are looking to close on new house next month and we are collecting money for down payment. I am selling my Kryalix cabinet to help us with this transition. The cabinet is for sale on ebay and craigslist currently but can cancel the auction any time someone is interested.

Ebay Auction is here

I painted the cabinet myself (sorry not the best job in the world, i painted and clear coated it but didn’t like the look and did another layer of black on top which is flaking off near high user areas) I prewired two xbox 360 fight pads into the control panel. The system uses kicker speakers with an amp. The TV is brand new 32inch Samsung LED and all buttons and sticks are brand new as well and use sanwan parts. I never got around to printing the art work for the system so the protective film is on the backside of the plastics.

I will entertain any respectful offers.

Thank you,


Local pickup only? I guess shipping to Arkansas would be killer too =/


I am willing to work with a shipper but not sure on the cost. area code is 78261