Krier's SSF4 Tournament - Modesto, CA - 08/08/10


Krier’s Cards and Comics
3900 Pelandale Avenue
Modesto, CA 95356-9103
(209) 522-0511?

Google Maps Link

Super Street Fighter 4
Entry Fee: $5 Tourney Fee, $1 Venue fee

Game Version: PS3

-Double Elimination
-Double Blind available on request
-Winner keeps character, loser counterpicks character if desired, winner counterpicks Ultra, loser counter picks Ultra.
-All matches including Winners Finals and Losers Finals will be Best 2 of 3, Grand Finals will be Best 3 of 5.

Very strict time limit: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Signups will start at 12, Tourney will begin at 1.

We need as many setups as possible since we only have one PS3. We have 5 TVs but they’re all SD so don’t expect anything amazing. If you can bring a setup please do so.

Questions can be directed here or you can call my cell at 209-401-4561

Wow, I’m glad there is actually a tournament happening in this area, lol.
I could bring another Ps3 setup, so would you want me to come early?

Nice I may show up I live in brentwood so its gonna be a drive lol. Can I possibly pre register now since Ive never driven that far?

Also If we bring a set up and its not needed can we run money matches or side stuff on it while we wait?

@Solacracy: Sure thing man, the venue itself doesn’t open until 11. You don’t need to be here super early, around 10 minutes or so earlier will be enough. When it opens, I’m gonna try to speedily get everything set up.

@Haikuwar: You can pre-register, just be sure to be here by 1 for your match, though I’d prefer it earlier since you apparently have a set up to bring. If you’re running reasonably late, then call me and let me know and i’ll see if I can stall. Obvioiusly, if you’re not going to be here until something like 2, I’ll have to boot you off. Since we have a relatively small time frame to get things done, most if not all the setups will be used until Winners Finals/Losers Finals/Grand Finals. Once we’re at that point, money matches are okay so long as you’re not in the bracket anymore. Hell, you can throw in BBCS if you really want after we get to that point lol.

Yeah Im going to try and leave early its just I dont know the Modesto area so well. IDK if I can bring a SSF4 game but I can bring a PS3 and TV ( they are my brothers so IF I cant bring them I will let you know. ) I do also want to know if after or if TVs are free any side matches like SSB/M TVC MVC2 ETC ) Also yeah Ill try and leave early so I can set up things.

IF I can bring things I can bring
Ps3,TV,Wii ( with all the Brawl and TVC characters unlocked )
Xbox 360 ( side stuff games I guess ) and more

Dont count 100% on all of this maybe some or all it depends.

im dwn to play tvc haiku, you should bring 1 set up at least

nvm, i cant even go anymore

I am really sorry you guys, apparently the owner wanted it to be next Sunday. This is a mistake on my part. I’m really sorry. If you’re down for next Sunday, same things apply.

Again, really sorry for the mixup.

Thanks for everyone who came! 17 people, not bad for my first tourney no? Next tournament will be on Sunday, September 5th, and I’ll have a thread for that up in a bit.

The computer with the match videos and bracket is still out of my reach right now, but it should be up in the next day or so. we only had like 4 match videos though, lol.

1st: Mr. Wig Splitter
2nd: Punishere (I think?)
3rd: ???

Aite guys, I was the one recording so sorry it took so long to get everything up. I run other tournaments and record a lot so I’ve always got a long line of videos that need to be uploaded. Anyway…

Here’s a [media=youtube]SAQ4bYOhQII&feature=PlayList&p=875438E7BCA93C45&index=0&playnext=1"]LINK to a playlist that contains the 4 sets we recorded during the tournament. We would’ve recorded more but some of the players insisted on playing on the xbox setup (which we couldn’t record on because of our cables were incompatible). Or you can just follow this [ to go to my youtube channel and watch them there.

I’ve had the results and bracket on my computer too so sorry that wasn’t posted earlier.

[URL=“”]Click to view Bracket]("[/media)

1: Mr. Wig Splitter ($54)
2: Punishere ($27)
3: The Dirty Dog ($9)
4: trackstar
5: C
5: toon light
7: Sleepers
7: Sola
9: Sam
9: musicgeek55
9: Claw
9: ssmoomix
13: Retep
13: chokolait
13: ARES
13: Devin
17: NewtypeSEED
17: Dikid

Also, sorry for the confusion about the last tournament date. It was largely my fault for communicating poorly with the store owner and it won’t happen again