Krillin Thread - Hopefully Not Dead


Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!



So would everyone here agree that Krillin works best on point?



Yeah. His solar flare works well with Gohans shoryu and the ground beams cover his slow mixup move. The sensu beans can be pretty significant for the next character out, basically negating a combo that they took. I’m having trouble finding a reason to run him though. He’s got weak damage and short limbs. Probably going to have to wait until more rock tech is found for that special spice that makes him a must have.


I feel like Krillin has decent damage for what his purpose seems to be. Especially since both his supers are really solid. I’ve been able to get 4000+ meterless damage with him consistent enough. It helps that he can air combo into L.afterimage(corner) and ex.afterimage(midscrern) to land a hard knockdown instead of ending the combo with j.h.

I also feel like solarflare is going to be his main spacing and defensive tool. I haven’t been able to test this in a real match but in theory it seems like he could frame trap with it then always hit confirm into an assist on reaction. I think that’s why his normals are so much shorter since solarflare has a pretty big hit box itself.


Been playing some matches today. I’ve been finding solar flare pretty useful in the corner frame trapping people then hit confirming into Trunks\Gotenks assist. The damage isn’t great but it keeps the opponent guessing while they’re in the corner.




Krillin Assist/Senzu Bean/Rock Properties:


I’ve been trying to add as many 2S’s in a corner combo as I can. So far I’ve gotten three. If you are by yourself, you will probably have to use an extra bar to finish with a super, but if you have an assist you can extend and get over 5000 with one bar.

j. H, LL, 5M, 5S, 2S, j. M, dj. M (2 hits), dj. 2S, super dash, dj. M, dj. 2S, dj. 236+L, assist, land, j. M (2 hits), j. 2H, super dash, j. M (2 hits), j. 2H, dj. L, dj. M, dj. H, land, super.


Just realized krillin can convert off of solar flare with sparking blast. Could be useful if he ends up being the last one alive


Had a moment of clarity when I found this out myself. It’s crazy how solar flare can possibly change the momentum there in a tough spot. Opponent trying to mix you up while calling assist? Solar flare that shit. Are they pressing too many buttons? Solar flare.
It scales damage quite a bit but it’s worth the shift in momentum and the follow ups it can lead to. Canceling SF into spark still hurt’s a lot though.