KrossMods Modding - Toronto/Markham, Canada

Status: Available
Due to scheduling, I am only able to do up two jobs a week. Please also understand that I do not do this for a living, but on weeknights/weekends when I am able to. Consequently, my the times stated in this post may or may not be 100% accurate 100% of the time.

Hello, my name is Wun Yan (aka chowwun on SRK, aka KrossMods). I come to you offering my services for dual modding sticks in addition to other things (more on that momentarily) I?ve started doing this since last year and have completed over 20 mods since then. People in the area have usually heard of me through word of mouth, but now I have decided to have a more centralized location for people to contact me if they need any services.

**Where Are You Located/What Is Your Servicing Area? **

I am located in Markham but my central hub is Heroes World (HW) (Warden/Hwy 7). I have dealt with people from downtown Toronto, Aurora, Mississauga, Vaughan and people in between. People usually meet up with me or drop off their stick at HW so I can pick it up later to work on.

Depending on where you are and how we meet up, there might be some additional travel charges incurred by you.

Unfortunately, I don?t do any national/international orders, sorry ? just those within the (more or less) immediate area. I?m sure you?re able to find people that are closer to you for similar services.

How Do I Contact You?

  1. Post here
  2. email: (preferred)
  3. Post up on the Heroes World Thread
  4. SRK PM
  5. Phone (we will exchange numbers when we meet up/during conversations)

I will not consider a transaction initiated until I receive your stick (i.e. your name won?t go up on the status update until I get your stick).

**What Can You Do? **

I am mainly known for doing dual mods within the community ? this includes:

  • PS3 with X360 added
  • X360 with PS3 added
  • Wii TvC dual/tri-mod (PS3/X360)
    -XBox One Dual Mod

I am also able to do smaller things such as:

  • Pad hacking
  • Wiring
  • Button swapping
  • Wire repair

Things I don’t do (because I haven?t tried it personally or haven?t had any request it):

  • LED mods
  • Controller dual mods (though I?d like to give this a try)
  • Anything else I?ve not listed (but ask just in case)

How Much Does It Cost? (all prices in CAD)

For a XBox One stick dual mod $60
This includes:

  • Labour
  • Switch Options: Imp (+$10), DPST (+$5)
  • You provide controller - otherwise, it will be an additional cost of the controller ($60+tax)
  • Miscellaneous parts wire, solder, ties, etc)

For a PS3 stick dual modded with X360: $95.
This includes:

  • Labour
  • PCBS (Imp v2.0 + Madcatz Fightpad)
  • Miscellaneous parts (wire, solder, ties, etc)

For a X360 stick dual modded with PS3: $90
This includes:

  • Labour
  • PCB (ChImp SMD)
  • Miscellaneous parts (wire, solder, ties, etc)

For Wii TvC stick dual/tri-mod with PS3/X360: $115(PS3)/$110(X360), $160(PS3+X360)
This includes:

  • Labour
  • PCB (ChImp SMD and/or Madcatz X360 4716 controller)
  • Neutrik USB Gender Changer
  • Miscellaneous parts (wire, solder, ties, etc)

For a X360 stick dual modded with MCC: $100 (+$5 for each console supported)**
This includes:

  • Labour
  • PCB (MC Cthulhu, Imp v2.0)
  • Miscellaneous parts (wire, solder, ties, etc)
    ****: **Controller cable supplied by you. If I supply cable, it will be $10/ additional console

For a X360 stick dual modded with MCC w/ RJ-45 mod: $130 (+$7.50 for each console supported)**
This includes:

  • Labour
  • PCB (MC Cthulhu, Imp v2.0)
  • Neutrik RJ-45 jack and cat5e cable
  • Miscellaneous parts (wire, solder, ties, etc)
    ****: **Controller cable supplied by you. If I supply cable, it will be $10/ additional console

Labour only for dual mods (i.e. you supply your own parts): $50

Button Swapping: $Varies (ask)

Common Ground Controller Padhacking (Labour only):$20


Wire repair:$10

Anything else not listed:$ASK

What’s the Turnaround Period?

On average, the turnaround period is a day or two from when I start working. I will notify you when I start working and when I finish as I go along.

Loyalty Program (applicable to dual mods)
If I?ve dealt with you before, you will have a discount of $5 off your next mod job, and a discount of $10 off the next mod job thereafter.

For example: Bob, a customer comes to me with an X360 dual mod that costs $90. The second time he gets me to do a mod it will cost him $85. The third time onward, it will cost him $80.

Bulk Packages (applicable to dual mods)
If you give me two sticks to mod at the same time, a $5 discount is applied to EACH stick.
If you give me three or more sticks to mod at the same time, a $10 discount is applied to EACH stick.

Example 1: Bob comes to me with two X360 dual mods. I will charge him $180 for the job (2 X $90)
Example 2: Bob comes to me with N (where N is >= 3) X360 dual mods. I will charge him $(85X N)

Past Customers and Corresponding Jobs

[]Unessential (PS3 TE R1)
]coolasice (2 x TvC)
[]Davero (X360 HRAP VLX Premium)
]Paul187 (PS3 TE R1)
[]Ricrabbit (PS3 SE)
]syn13 (Qanba Q3)
[]shinepoo (PS3 TE R1)
]Gobias Employee (PS3 SE)
[]diagonal (PS3 TE-S)
]Conductor (PS3 TE R1)
[]ricehatwarrior (X360 MvC2 TE USB Wire repair)
]afghaniheat (PS3 Hori Real Arcade Pro 3)
[]omega_orochi423 (X360 Chun TE-S)
]edvc520 (PS3 R2 TE)
[]syn13 (X360 HRAP VLX Premium)
]coolasice (X360 TE R2)
[]Traninho.'s friends (PS3 TE R1, PS3 BlazBlue TE)
]giangatang (PS3 TE R1)
[]Stephen Lee (X360 TE R1)
]Jon’s friend (X360 TE-S)
[]cheetah (PS3 Hori HRAP VLX Premium X360 + PSX Tri-Mod)
]Glenn (X360 TE R2)
[]Gary Lau (X360 SE)
]Allen (PS3 TE R1)
[]Beyond Human (Tek Innovations PS3/X360 dual mod + wiring)
]kstoute (PS3 Chun TE-S)
[]JoelSyko PS3 R1 TE
]Jimmy Hori V3 SA
[]Gobias Employee Hori V3 SA
]LunaSlave X360 R1 TE
[]Kristopher PS3 R1 TE
]Beyond Human (Tek Innovations PS3/X360 dual mod + wiring)
[]Chris Ferrazzutti (PS3 R1 TE)
]Psychochronic (X360 VLX Premium with MCC + ImpV2)
[]Psychochronic (X360 TE Tri-Mod with MCC (+PS cable) + ImpV2 & Wii FS PCB)
]Forever@9th (HORI BBCT: HRAP3 button swap & dual mod)
[]kuno (HORI HRAP3SA dual mod)
]badroc (X360 R1 TE Dual mod)
[]GhostFaceKillah (X360 R2 TE dualmod)
]Alan Lo (X360 TE-S dualmod)
[]Jason Dang (PS3 R2 TE dualmod)
]HaoNguyen04 (PS3 R2 TE dualmod)
[]syn13 (PS3 R2 TE dualmod)
]Kevin (Hori V3-SA DM)
[]Josh (Hori EX 360 gutting + DM)
]Steve (Hori VX-SA DM)
[]Marcos (Hori VLX 360 MCC DM)
]Psychochronic (TE Dual Mods + PSX)
[]Gobias Employee (HRAP3 Dual Mod)
]Marcus Tan (X360 TE DM)
[]starmine (HRAP3 DM)
]malakyoma (PS3 VLX Premium Dual mod)
[]potatobrain (frankenstick)
]Unessential (PS3 TE MCC Retrofit, DoA4 MCC + MC 4716 DM)
[]Alex (X360 BB TE DM)
]Dan (PS3 TE R1 DM)
[]Travis (V3-SA DM)
]Vince (VX-SA DM)
[]David Choi (X360 R1 TE DM)
]Fadi (X360 Brawlstick Dual Mod)
[]pixels (PS3 TE RD1 DM, Wii TVC DM w/ PS3)
]Psychchronic (TE upgrade; added ASCII DC PCB)
[]Alan (X360 TE MCC DM; X360 TE DM)
]syn13 (V3SA DM)
[*]Oaisis (VX SA DM)

XBOne Controller Mods
[*]coolasice13 (Dual Modded with X360 TE)

Examples of my Work
I should probably host the pictures somewhere else…

Davero’s X360 VLX Premium Dual Mod Complete | Facebook
SRK syn13 Qanba RAF3 Dual Mod Complete | Facebook
afghaniheat PS3 Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Dual Mod Complete | Facebook
Hidey’s X360 Chun TE-S Dual Mod Complete | Facebook
Steve’s X360 HRAP VLX Premium Complete | Facebook
Joystick Mods I’ve Done | Facebook
cheetah’s PS3 VLX Premium X360/PSX Tri-Mods | Facebook


Thank you. =)



hey wun yan ever put sanwa buttons in a hori ex2? and cherry switches

No, but I’m sure I can put sanwa buttons in them (seems like a bitch of a job though lol). As for cherry switches (inside the button?), you’ll have to show me what you want to be done.

Happ Cherry Microswitch, Gold Terminals these on the joystick

If it fits, I should be able to do it. Mod the stock stick, or the Sanwa?

Either one I should be able to do it.

good stuff!

Heroes World fully supports and endorses KrossMod’s Work. If anyone would like to inspect their work drop by one of our casuals sessions and you can try one of the sticks out. Also to note the sticks are ready to go once KrossMods is done, it is simply plug and play in any system, no switches or special button sequences to make it work.

TVC sticks were tri modded to work on ps3, xbox 360 and Wii. Also a bonus is that they work on PC as well with no problems…sometimes dedicated xbox 360 sticks have trouble working on PCs (no directional sick activation).

1st feedback submitted.

Gotta wait for the second feedback for my VLX.

My Chun-Li Dual mod was done quick, clean, and I’ve had no issues! Great work by KrossMods!

Very Interested in your services.

Im located in Mississauga, but i can drive to you in Markham no problem, i have a few items i’d like to have done.

can u drop me an email at.



Beyond Human Tek Innovation’s Dual Mod stick wiring complete (4/16/11)

quick question would you also buy the stick if the customer includes it in the modding price and then mod them or does the customer have to send it to you and then you get started on it?

I can get the stick for you, yes - depending on what it is. Some sticks are easier to come by than others - (new) TEs are almost next to impossible to get locally.

Let me know. =)

4/19 - kstoute Chun TE-S transaction complete
5/4 - edvc20 TE R1 repair transaction complete

So if i bought a Wii TvC stick, you could dual mod it for 150?

When is the next time you will be at Heroes world because i want you to dual mod my TE.

I’ll be at heroes next Wednesday. We can talk then. Just ask for me

5/11 - JoelSyko PS3 R1 TE
5/14 - Jimmy Hori V3 SA

5/25 - Gobias Employee V3 SA
5/28 - Kristopher PS3 TE R1
Luna slave X360 TE R1