K's shit (KOF)


I just picked up KOF 2000/2001. I’m growing to like this guy K’. But 2 things…

  1. What are some big similarities/differances between KOF and SF. I’m a KOF newb. Played CVS2 and SFA3 for years. Never KOF. and

  2. Some basic stuff about K’.

Thanks guys.


You’ll find out y kof2000 is broken really fast. Joe as your striker = easy 100% combos. A lot of people don’t like it, but i think it’s fun, mostly because it’s broken


ok i didn’t saw this thread before so i’m probably late.
i’m not a kof expert but k’
c,f+a,qcb+k is the basic combo

c,qcf+p,f+d,qcf,qcf+p(hold the p a little)

with strikes you can do some incredible combos for example,call bao,teleport,call bao again,teleport,etc i saw it on a vid and that seemed fun…

k’ is more interesting in the 2001(however my prefered is angel)

mmm c,dp(a)and quickly qcf,qcf,a the dp(a) to flame overdrive is exellent as counter.(requires 2 overdrives anyway)
i suppose i’m not very helpull but really i play kof occasionnally shrugh