KS2 Productions & iPlaywinner presents "TIGHT or FIGHT!" 6/12/10 @ MGL

a snap! Im down! might need 2 carpool tho…

I probably won’t be able to attend due to transportation issues, but I have an unmodded Wii Hori stick you guys could use, if you so desire. Send me a PM if you’re interested, as I’ve just been rolling with the Classic Controller Pro until I get it modded.

there 100%

This was the best part of the last tourney.

A properly run tourney at my old stomping grounds? Count me in!


Pizza box eating contest let’s go.

I’m so down for some Pizza Box…toooo gooood

wow this looks fun, looks like ill be attending

BBCS? Count me in.

I’ll bring Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S on my laptop. :smiley:

we’ll finally see each other.

First time in like… 3-4 years. :rofl:

Augh! I’d really appreciate this as I’ve been having troubles getting the second edition of the game running. For some reason when both players select characters it freezes. So lame.

Forget the tournaments, who’s up for miniature golf and pizza box runs?

I’m down for some Pizza Box and the tournament as well. :bgrin:

wtf is pizza box?


Ok, just for that we all need to chip in and order a King Kong come tourney day.

lol fuckin Uncle Sam and shit. Sounds like an awesome idea but we can’t bring outside food into MGL keep in mind. We would have to eat it at Pizza Box or something.

Pizza box obviously isn’t big enough for their pizza. I say bring it to some nearby Milpitas citizen’s house and eat. That and drink/party right after.

I’m down for miniature golf too so long as it’s not expensive.