KS2 Productions & iPlaywinner presents "TIGHT or FIGHT!" 6/12/10 @ MGL

Pizza Box is hype and miniature golf MM is hype.


Yo slompoop, I need your phone number foo…


Just as long as someone doesn’t throw 50$ all in ones in the air and yell out “this is not a scam” i’l stay =]

No 3s? I might actually get motivated to be decent if 3s was on lol And cvs2 is fun to watch. But I get if its too much to run all at once/lack of interest

I been grindin’, I’mma’ speed bump some fools.

I don’t know how it is now since I haven’t lived by MGL for about a decade, but I remember them serving pizzas that didn’t even fit through their door unless it was tilted at some odd angle.

Drop me a PM with your contact info, man.

Date and info will be posted next week. I am looking at the last weekend of March atm but final date wont be confirmed until next week.

Hey Joe

Maurico wanted me to talk to yo so give me a call. I tried calling you but you haven’t returned any of my calls

oh my god mike witt! i’ll go to this if you go. I’ll buy u pizza box. Just dont use all the parmasean cheese! superyan can also teach me tekken. Bronson wont cuz he’ll know i’ll curl that mustache


  • I might be able to get March 28th. Date isn’t confirmed atm but at least I convinced management to let us hold this event on a weekend instead of on a Friday.

  • MORE SIDE GAMES ADDED!!! Check 1st post.

  • BlazBlue CS was cut from list. (Sorry BB fans, your gunna have to wait for console release)

WOOT! 3s and CVS2, baby! This is going to be good!

hey marcos, down to carpool?

oh snap, this shit just got real.

-jackie chan

Score! Finally a TvC tourny! There hasn’t been one in nor cal in a long time! Count me in!

Alright, time to spend a total of one hour to learn Jackie Chan. TIME TO TROLL!

PS, I’m going to run to this venue instead of driving, because I can actually pull that off.

don’t you live in sf? i live very close to mgl, so i don’t how carpooling would work unless you meet me at my place in sunnyvale.

hows the 3S set up at MGL? or u guys runnin it on console?

I’m assuming CPSIV will use the cabinets for 3s, because MGL’s party room will probably be used for the main games and that’ll be a few setups for each of them plus a setup for Jackie Chan. There are two CvS2 cabinets and two Third Strike cabinets. Two of them are H2H’s and the other two are show cabinets. All of them use Happ p360s’s.

A man who knows exactly what he is talking about

Mr. Jared: in that post you quoted…
Mr. Jared: I think he meant MINUS Jackie Chan
ILLiterate: nope
ILLiterate: disagree