Okay, some of you might have heard already but I’m back… and I’m already planning my next massive multi fighting game tournament. As of right now its just going to be a singles tournament but that could possibly change in the near future. This is where you guys come in. What day of the week you would rather this tournament be held on. Saturday or Sunday? Date is unconfirmed I just need a day of the week vote for now. Vote now please.

Welcome back…

sunday pls!

I would say Sunday as well


Sunday is by far the better day. If people are serious about playing a game it shouldn’t matter which day it is. Although you may try to accomidate to everyone, remember you can’t. You only can do what is in your control. Players have to give and so do managment. Neither side will win if both can’t agree. So if they want it on a sunday then so be it. If players want to play they will show up. If they don’t want to then it’s their right and privilage.

Sunday would be legit just because it’s an easier day to get off of work than Sat

Looking forward to this one boss

I’m fine with whatever as long as I have money to get there and vanilla ST is there.

What time would this be around because what time it’s at effects me more than what day it is.

CPSIV check your pm’s. we should talk.

i agree.

Yeahhh, host it on Sundays , so I can skip church thanks.

wowwwww hahaha

saturday… I cant play with a bad sunday hangover =)

arcade or console?

for sure sundays.

the fuddruckers tourneys were on sunday and that brought in a shit load of people.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter which day it is. Just as long there’s no double bookings/conflict with other major tournaments, that’s the most important thing. Additionally, we should give everyone about a 3-4 week notice.

joe u should take over doing NCRs

im just real talking :chat:

mvc2 teams, me/bronson…nuff said. just give us ur cash now. darith ear second place imo.

where this gona take place? golflands dont have cabinets for the sf4 crackheads.

Does norcal even have ncr anymore? And it might take place at mgl, from what I’m hearing but a lot of details and info are being discussed.

I havent heard any talks of NCR being held at MGL this year, that is if NCR still even exsists.