Ks2 vs san jose bar and grill 3!

Were doing it up again in style with our gracious hosts at the San Jose Bar and Grill for the 3rd time. Every time a blast and believe me it’s gonna be raunchier than the last one!

We invite everyone to come out and party it up with us. The idea is to fill the place with as many monitors and consoles as we can fit in there. Then let tournaments and special matches materialize on their own in true KS fashion. You know we’ll have all the main games there plus some of our old favorites. Show up early! This time around we want the main focus to be on friendly casual matches. Jump on a station, start mashing and Drink Drink Drink!

So… let’s come out, get faded and spend the whole damn day playing them Fighting Video Games in downtown San Jose. Everyone is invited.

This is an all ages venue until 10:00pm.

5.00 Door Cover. This is independent from any fees required if you choose to enter a tournament.


Bring out your favorite old game and your favorite old player will be there, Boss.

I’m there nig. Can I bring my 3rd Strike cab that I brought to NCR?

If I have some cash on me that time I will go for sure …ill take my ps3 pad …dnt wanna bug ppl to let me barrow a pad since I’m new to the gaming scene

I look forward to getting shit faced and playing with yall. I heard the last one was crazy fun.

No official tournaments this time around. Grudge matches, salty run backs, shot matches… you name it. Strictly exhibition with random psycho ideas in true KS2 style! Get ready for one wild ass KS2 party like we’ve never done before! More setups, more games, more salt, more drinking, more tarping… MORE MORE MORE. You will definitely regret not making it out to this event… I promise you that.

Bringing a CVS2 setup. Can I do a side tournament?

Yea man, handle it!

These are the kinds of things that bring old men out of the woodwork. =)

Can I bring my 3rd Strike cab that I brought to NCR though?

good to know my bro is 13 he might wanna go .
and watch me have a drink and loose couple some matches lol

Only drunk leezy can enter the tournament.

Good thing it’s at a bar, then. =)


Aw man its during my bday. But theres CvS2…!!! I shall see…

Anyone know any cheap or free parking around the venue?

Fuck yeah! Can you bring it for sure? Sorry about the late reply. I’m sure all the third strike guys will love it. Well waive the door fee and buy you some drinks!

I already replied to your pm but just to let everyone know: there’s a parking structure next to the bar. It cost 5 bux to park there all day. Light rail runs right in front and there’s plenty of free street parking within a reasonable walking distance.

Thnx for answering the question I was about ask aswell …