KSK 020406 Ranbat

New KSK ranbat is up at gfb…

LOL funniest ranbat ever

oh and one of the best ranbats to come along in awhile :slight_smile:

Yo that shit is too funny!!!

Especially when Kokujin is commenting on his own play and how he congrads himself for his win in the match!

KSK is a beast.

Surprisingly there was no Nuki this time, what happened?

He lost in the preliminaries against Nitto

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Too good. SICK!

link to gfb? sorry im noob =\

They played in the very first round, even. Nitto played a really amazing match–last round, Nuki had about 60% life, Nitto had just a sliver and then made a nice Genei Jin comeback.

But u got to say thats the funniest ranbat ive ever seen wit Kokujins commentary on his own matches.

KSK was pullin out some cool ass shit on this ranbat. I don’t know how in the hell he was connecting those MP/HP flash chops all over the place against Thanatos. Those stomp setups were hella cool too. Knit is a beast with Yun though. Oh and Nuki got beasted :lol:

Lol I wonder if Kokujin would’ve did better if he didn’t commentate for himself? Man he’s a funny guy. :rofl:

Knit has a nice nice Yun, but looking foward to what new tricks Mester has right now, he seems to always have new ones…

anyone hosting this??

I wonder if someone could translate some of the funny parts.

LO, during one of his mathces, Kokujin shouts “Kokujin Hajjime No Ippo!” or something like that refferring to the boxing anime in Japan. He is too good!

kokujin wins vs Ken

Kokujin: “Good job Kokujin!”

Character select between Kokujin and Ksk

Kokujin: “Kokujin has never lost to KSK”

Beginning of the KSK match

Kokujin: “Crouching roundhouse, thats smart! Blocking (KSK parries standing strong) No Good! Kokujin goes for the cheese win, KSK cant do anything!”

KSK jumps toward Kokujin

Kokujin: “Anti-air crouching roundhouse!! Only Kokujin can do such a thing!”

After the first round

Kokujin: “Hmmm Kokujin, I think you might do better if you shut up…”

Before the Kokujin vs Koshun match

Somebody in audience “you must be stupid!”

During the character select

Kokujin: “If i stop speaking hit me on the head”

Beginning of Koshun match

Kokujin: “Both players gather meter. Koshun trying to get in. Kokujin can see it all!”

Kokujin hits with forward MK

Kokujin: “Kokujin doesnt connect with the Corkscrew cuz its wasteful!”

Those are the good ones I can make out.

Heres a bonus: At the very end after the tournament ends

Kokujin: “Give it up for Knit for winning the tourney! (people clap) In 2nd place is KSK! No need to clap for him!”

yeah someone should host it


look at post 101 THANKS JASON!!! YOU RULE!!!

i’m downloading at 80 per second…

Wow…he was actually commentating on himself the whole time? I’m sorry but, Kokujin is defintiely the best 3S player in Japan if he can beast like that while commentating on the match at the same time. That’s not even skills that’s just like…amazing. :wow:

Nitto beat him in first round, so he beat 3 chun’s on his way to finals: nuki, koshun and tokido.

Aruka, Senaka and Pierre got eliminated on first round too

thx forgenjuro for the translations, damn i should learn japanese.

WOW those are some heavyweights to go out forst round…Nuki too… :looney: