KSK GamerVision RanBat 1/7/06: RX's midscreen Aegis unblockables

RX did this midscreen Aegis unblockables against that dirty, dirty Ryu player:

Cr. hp, mk tackle > hp Aegis, rh tackle (Ryu gets hit by tackle and Aegis at the same time), rh knee drop (goes over Ryu’s fallen body), dash towards Ryu/Aegis and rh tackle (!!!) (tackle pushs Ryu into the Aegis), cr. hp, juggle.

I tried this combo the other day and I can’t, for the life of me, get the dash toward Ryu’s body/Aegis, right into rh tackle part.

For some reason, it seems to me that after you do rh knee drop, you switch sides with Ryu and you lose/can’t charge for the tackle???
I tried holding the sticks in different positions (after the kneedrop) to see if I can charge for the tackle, but to no avail.

This shit’s wierd and RX made it seem so effortless. (God bless that man)

Aboot the Ranbat.
He could’ve won those matches against Nuki, damnit.
If he wasn’t so careless; trying to parry Chun’s pokes and not blocking low.
It seems he forget he was facing Chun-crouching forward-Li during those matches.


So yeah, any help with this combo is much appreciated.

When you’re doing the kneedrop over Ryu, start charging immediately down-back for the tackle until you land(as if you’re charging for a normal tackle). Then charge a little more in the dash towards reflector and voila there’s your tackle. It’s just charging as soon as possible, similiar to partitioning the midscreen dash headbutt ub.

it isnt an unblockable if I reacall correctly not for sure though but if you parry the tackle you won’t get pushed into te Aegis?

[judging from this](http://www.wedanicest.com/True_Tech/dash shoulder slo mo.wmv) k this is totally theory so hear me out but i THINK that cause of the way its done they’re already into aegis when they wake up so they would be forced to also parry the aegis if they parry the shoulder

i slo moed it so you can see it better

the vid taken from rx’s vid powerstrike btw

It’s kinda unblockable, in the sense that if you hold back, you will get cr. fierced again.

But, if you block the first hit and hold forward for the rest of the time until he tries to cr. fierce, you’ll be fine because the tackle hits at the same time as the aegis, not after the first hit.

Namijin got hit cause he missed his parry.

Yea looking at that vid he did it in such a way that mak couldnt parry the tackle so it kinda worked as guard break smart man RX :lovin:

I think the main mix up is basically the fact that if he Shoulders the parry is High. However if he decides to do the double dash and forward kick you need to parry low. Its not to small of a window to make the right decision but add pressure to it and anyone can hesitate and get owned. If you just got hit by the shoulder one and got into the situation again, the victim will most likely be thinking to parry high. In that small window he sees the double dash instead, that small amount of thought change can get him owned by the unblockable.

Thats how I see it at least.


PS. Is it just me, or is that shoulder one RX did to the ryu 100 times easier then any other mid screen unblockable lol.

Well they are on the ground and really the setup doesn’t really add much in terms of a harder way of getting out of the trap, but it really messes with the opponent’s mind as instead of seeing that kick they’re used to, they get pushed into the aegis instead. The shoulder wouldn’t hit them either way since he’s just pushing them along the ground into the aegis.

It’s a pity that you’d only find a need for players like RX iin japan where there is almost always someone to play. The problem with aegis unblockables is that they can be parried out of and seemingly quite easy once you get caught in them enough times, yet RX will go that extra mile to find a new way to get you into that damn thing. You still have players like Pierre playing the traditional Urien, but I don’t think anybody would deny that even though there are better players, RX is undoubtedly the most fun to watch and also the most creative.

how is pierre better than rx…i mean he is a beast but come on man.

kin3tix has the timing description down quite well, I was able to get it after reading it. I was trying a lot fancier methods which weren’t working.

Chalk this one down to ryu/sean/akuma. It’s very easy to someone just learning partitioning imo, however I have a lot of trouble charging down back, and then dashing in the same direction I charged. I might have done the dash-tackle a tad (0.3s or so) too late against Ken. It appears like he gets up fast enough so that the tackle doesn’t push him far enough into the reflector for the c. fp to combo.

I could be wrong because my success with it is only about 40% at the moment. Neat stuff :karate:

I got this unblockable nearly 100% now and its easy to do. this is how i do it.

c.fp, sk/mk/ tackle xx fp agies, rh tackle(start charging DF for the knee), DF to UB+rh for knee(Once you go UB for the knee, you automaticly start the charge for the tackle :wgrin: ), buffer the dash so when you land you dash ASAP, charge back during dash, F+rh for tackle.

This also works for makoto and chun, but with them, after the dash, just duck and charge for a little bit because they get up slow. Then just time it so the rh tackle hits when it needs to.

the only one i use midscreen is

throw once u recover and their still on the floor activate LP aegis immedietly after that do HP headbutt and now ur on the other side whatever you do their is up to u but i usually start off with LP LP MP cr.HP and start a juggle :smiley:

if u know a better one that has the same start tell me on aim i need new skillzzz

That’s only an unblockable if they don’t quick roll… which most people do at higher levels. So, unless you finished off a combo midscreen w/ an Aegis hit, don’t expect to land that unblockable midscreen (in other words, don’t try that unblockable off a midscreen throw).

One midscreen set up that may work landing a throw -> dash -> lp aegis -> mp headbutt.
I haven’t tested it myself, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen it in vids… the dash counters any ground rolls, and the headbutt should get you to the other side in time… please correct me if I’m wrong.

don’t think so. works on people that get up slow maybe?

Maybe; I’m probly wrong though… but I’m pretty sure I have seen it in vids… well, I’ll be on the lookout for it.

i thought this one worked at least on oro:

knock down with lp headbutt, mp aegis, dash headbutt, gaurdbreak

If he techrolls he gets up in the aegis, if he doesnt youll push him into