KSK GamerVision RanBat 1/7/06

Get it now, while seeds are still hot! :wink:



That ryu was pretty dirty.

man, ysb eliminated ko on first round and still didnt make it to final 8

awww man can someone please seed this file??? or get it up on filefront ???

Mine has been hanging between 99.8% and 99.9% for the last half an hour or so. Can someone with a complete file seed for a few minutes? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

seeding right now

seed seed seed seed seed

This Link Aint Working For Me
Does Anyone Has A Yousendit Link Or Something?
Plz :sweat:

Direct style download via filefront: http://hosted.filefront.com/Jaihson

it’s my first time trying them, so let me know if there are any hiccups.

It’s good to see an appearance by KSK that doesn’t end with him immediately being knocked off by a chun. Love watching his Alex once it gets some momentum going.

Im stuck at 99.8% too.

Working just fine so far. Thanks for uploading it. :slight_smile:

RX was DIRTY as usual. I never even thought of most of the shit RX pulls out of his hat for Urien, he uses him like it’s his hands and feet it’s amazing. RX is the king of 3S creativity, truly. Overall though the whole ranbat was great as usual.

The filefront thing don’t work for me? It hangs on “please wait while the download server is contacted…” Then I get a timeout.

Oh well, torrent it is lol

ya i tried last night off the file front page… but i think its just there servers… because this happend with everythign i wanted to get off them last night… and this morning…

Didn’t it seem like they were laughing directly at KSK in one of his matches???

Damn come on now the dude got feelings!!


He owns, but damn, has he ever won anything? I always see him lose :frowning:

he uses urien who gets owned by all the top 3 which he faces on a consistent basis, by the likes of ko, ohnuki etc…you pick urien and try to win that shit lol!! iT’s hard for anyone even the urien god!!

Massive thanks to the guy that put this on FileFront. Nice one buddy! :slight_smile:

You know, honestly he had a chance to win against Nuki in that last match, but you could even tell he messed it up somehow since he had 1 full bar for aegis but he didn’t setup for more mindgames.